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The HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset is made by Kingston Technology. It is based on their current line of Cloud headsets, but has been specifically designed for Xbox One, and is styled to complement the Xbox One Elite controller. It has been tested and approved by Microsoft, and also comes with a PC adaptor so it can be used with Windows. It also comes with interchangeable ear cups and a hard shell carry case.

hxcx specs

Upon opening the box of the HyperX CloudX you are instantly hit with quality. everything is neatly packed inside the hard shell carry case that is nestled in the centre of some foam padding, rather than being encased in cheap ‘blister pack’ plastic. Inside the carry case I found the second set of (cloth) ear cup covers, with the leatherette ones already on the headset. To change them you simply gently pull around the edges to remove them, putting the other set on is a little tricky though as you have to carefully work your way around the ear cup fitting the flap on the back of the cover in to the groove, making sure it’s in correctly.

The Mic is secured in to the bottom of the carry case via a hook & loop strap, giving you somewhere to keep it if you’re only using them as headphones. there’s also a small dust cover over the mic jack that can be put back in place if needed. a nice little touch to keep dust and dirt out of the mic jack. Then there’s the 2 metre PC extension cable, enabling you to use the headset with Windows. Perfect for the recently announced “Play Anywhere” games announced by Microsoft at E3. I also tested it using various connections to and Xbox One controller (built in 3.5 mm jack and headset adaptor) along with a 3rd party controller with a built in headset jack. It performed the same across the board.


The build quality is absolutely superb, the aluminium frame gives it much more strength than any headset I’ve previously owned, and the matte finish it has matches the Xbox One Elite controller perfectly. All the wires are braided adding to the quality, and also giving them much more durability than standard plastic coated ones, the braided wire also has in-line mic mute and volume controls, which are easy to access and use.

The CloudX headset is extremely comfortable to wear due to it having memory foam in both the ear cup covers and the headband. I used Both ear cup covers and found them just as comfortable as each other, although my personal preference is for the cloth ones. The detachable mic also has a ‘gooseneck’ enabling you to position it exactly as you please. The audio quality of the mic was tested in party chat with Bobby. He said “It sounds better than Turtle Beach like” He also noted that there was a definite reduction in background noise (this was tested by playing YouTube videos whilst in party chat).

This product was supplied to us for the purpose of the review
Audio 10
Build quality 9.5
Comfort 10
Value for money 9.5
Hyper X Cloud X

Summary: At around £80 The HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset is a bargain, Fantastic Sound delivered through it 53 mm drivers, and extremely comfortable due to the 100% memory foam cushioning on the headband and ear cups. The addition of being able to use it on Windows PC via the supplied adaptor cable is a bonus, not forgetting the hard shell carry case that you get with it to keep it all nicely stored away when not in use. If you're looking at buying a headset for over £100 take a look at the HyperX CloudX first.

  • Changeable ear cup cushions
  • Comfortable
  • Audio is great
  • PC adaptor and carry case included
  • I really can't find anything to put for the cons, other than it would have been nice to have more colour options like they have with the other Cloud headsets

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