In Space We Brawl Full Arsenal Edition Review

Developed and published by Forge Reply, ‘In Space We Brawl is a galactic twin stick shooter for up to 4 players. It’s a local multiplayer game of skill, fun and competition. Find the spaceship that fits your play style and equip it with your favorite tool of destruction. There are more than 100 combinations to master! Engage your friends in epic dogfights: who will be the ace?’

In Space We Brawl is a twin-stick shooter (Which also uses buttons) that is a great party game if you have friends ’round and want to pass time. Rich with customisation for a game of its genre with 100+ customisations and 11 weapons to choose from on their ships players can change up the game to their play-style. The only downside to this is there isn’t as much variety in the most important thing: Game-modes. In Space We Brawl has 2 modes; Challenges and Multiplayer. Challenges is the single player mode in the game and while it may seem like a bunch of tutorials at first the challenges do come and they get challenging. These will be good to hop on and play occasionally but Multiplayer will be the main focus for most people anyway.

Multiplayer has 2 modes within it to play. One of these modes is Tournament; where multiple players can compete in set matches in a more organised, competitive environment. The second mode is Championship; a mode where players play to get to a set amount of points and first one to reach the target wins. In each mode players will be able to choose from many different environments to battle in with each environment offering different hazards to make the match harder for players. These hazards can be asteroids which fly across the arena and even AI ships which aim to destroy you. Each game-mode offers up to 4 players locally but sadly there is no online multiplayer.

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Each game-mode is pretty much a deathmatch and the lack of variety due to this really damages the ability to get much out of the game when combined with the lack of online capabilities. It truly is a shame since the variety of ships, weapons and hazards on the map can make for a much better competitive environment if there was different objectives and the ability to find more players but sadly that isn’t the case and there is a lot of wasted potential.

A download code was provided for this review by the publisher/developer
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7.5
Audio 7
Replay Value 5
Value for Money 5
In Space We Brawl: Full Arsenal Ed.

Summary: In Space We Brawl is a twin-stick shooter that attempts to revive local multiplayer but ultimately fails. Offering no online gameplay with players being limited to only deathmatches in multiplayer a lot goes to waste. If you get past that though the game has a brilliant foundation with vast customisation that is well balanced and a variety of environments so players of all skill levels can hop in and play. Challenges offer players some decent single-player content but the multiplayer is the main focus and it is a bit of a shame. With the ability to update and add me we can hope that all the potential will be taken advantage of but until then you will be extremely limited in what you can do.

  • Great customisation
  • Plenty of variety for ships
  • Limited multiplayer options
  • Lack of variety for multiplayer
  • Quite a few challenges are just tutorials

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