Infinite Minigolf Review

  • Dev: Zen Studios
  • Pub: Zen Studios
  • Release Date: 25/07/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1-8 Local & Online
  • Size: 1.2 GB
  • Category: Family & Kids
  • Price: £11.99/$14.99/€14.99
  • Infinite Minigolf is the first of the Mini Golf games from Zen Studios to come to Xbox One with it being a sequel to Planet Minigolf which was released on other platforms some years ago, Infinite Minigolf is as you guessed it a mini golf inspired game, it’s named “infinite” due to it’s course creator mode in which the possibilities are endless along with the course creator it also has 3 different worlds in which you can play tournaments, quick play random courses or browse through player made courses.

    The main campaign consists of 3 worlds each having 4 different characters in who host a variety of different styles mini golf courses, this consists of “Giant Home” – a teenagers bedroom with courses made up of cardboard with different obstacles, “Nightmare Mansion” – this world is of a halloween styling and has different monsters hosting the courses along the way, again with it’s own obstacles etc and lastly “Santa’s Factory” – as you guessed it it’s a Santa’s workshop theme with the same kind of aspects as the previous 2 worlds, as stated earlier each world has 4 selections to play, when playing in tournament each of the 4 sub worlds have 8 different variations of the level for you to compete in against 3 other AI players, to win the game you need to reach the highest score possible, you can score points from almost everything although a hole in one will bag you 10,000 points and if you collect the purple gem you gain an added 2,000 points along with blue gems bagging you 50 points each and an extra 2,000 if you manage to grab them all! It’s rather difficult to explain all of the points system so i’ll add a chart below explaining it.

    Whilst playing through the tournaments you can select a difficulty between Easy, Medium and Hard although in order to play the next difficulty level you have to complete all of the sub worlds in a world on the previous difficulty, for instance in Giant Home you have to complete the first 4 tournaments on easy to unlock them to be playable on medium and so on and so on, personally I would have liked to be able to select my difficulty level from the start instead of making you play all levels over and over again, it gave the game a bit of a grind feel to it and sadly after a while it became boring and repetitive. You do find different power ups whilst playing which can help spruce things up a little bit, for instance, you can pick up a magnet which makes the hole magnetic when you’re ball is getting closer, or the rocket which will shoot your golf ball off into the direction you’re travelling at a very fast speed, they can help when playing the levels and also make things a bit more fun but overall it is a bit of a grind.

    Along with the main tournament campaign you can create your own courses within the “build” mode you can pick one of the 3 worlds and create a course any which way you please, it’s probably best to start simple to get used to what works best then go on to create an array of different courses, it isn’t just basic paths etc you can drop obstacles and decoration in, on the Giants world editor I created a course which was all twists and turns with a few Xbox One controllers chucked in to make it even more difficult, it’s a little-complicated explaining every aspect of the editor, it’s worth checking out yourself if you’re into the sandbox thing! It was quite possibly my favourite part of the game. As well as creating your courses you can share them with the community, once uploaded they can be rated and also have a leaderboard for each course, I found myself addicted to a certain course created by a random Xbox user, I ended up repeatedly playing it until I beat the high score, no doubt by the time you read this my score would have been doubled by someone even craftier with a golf club but it was fun beating everyone else at the time.

    Multiplayer consists of “Fun” and “Competitive” playlists, the fun playlist consists of: Versus (1 v 1), Tournament (4 – 8 players), Classic (4 players), Hole or Nothing (4 players) and Crazy (8 players) where as competitive is just a playlist made up from versus and tournament, I setup a private game quite easily and tried out a few of the different modes, after becoming bored in the campaign the multiplayer aspect brought back my competitive nature making it a lot more fun. Ontop of the game modes you will find an overall level for your character offline and a separate one online, you can also find missions in which you need to complete certain tasks to obtain gold coins, these tasks range in difficulty from collecting 3 gems on tournaments mode up to stopping the ball right next to the hole. The coins gained from these “Missions” can be used in game on the built in store, here you can buy new clothing items for your character along with golf clubs and balls etc making the character you play as unique to your taste.

    The artwork in Infinite Minigolf is somewhat of a 3D cartoon almost Pixar animated look, the pale blue and white colour scheme of the main menu reminded me of playing games on a Wii console and as soon as I noticed that it’s all I could think about, this has been aimed mainly at children and said artwork and look will appeal to them, it doesn’t need to be in depth and detailed as it’s a simple pick up and play whenever you fancy game. Unfortunately I can’t seem to say much positive about the audio, the background music played on the main menu made me feel like I was in an elevator and on one of the world’s (Nightmare Mansion) it sounded like the audio tracks to harry potter had been ripped off, sadly these were not to my taste and were annoying.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 6.5
    Graphics 6
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 6.5
    Value For Money 6
    Infinite Minigolf

    Infinite Minigolf is what I would call a pick up and play game, something you can play for twenty minutes before you pop out or just something to fill the time between the triple a title releases, it’s put together rather well, but sadly becomes too repetitive. The best part of the game is the Build Mode, I liked playing around for a while getting a course just right and checking out other people’s uploads, if you like mini golf inspired games I would advise you to check it out.

    • Build mode is fantastic
    • Online multiplayer
    • Repetitive
    • Annoying audio

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