Is it Time for More “City Builder” Games on Xbox?

City Builder games are most commonly associated with PC gaming, mainly down to the lack of mouse and keyboard support on consoles. There has been some progress made in recent years with a very successful port of the popular Cities: Skylines that has steadily followed its PC counterpart with DLC releases, including recently revealed additions of the Green Cities (out now), Parklife and Industries expansions being released through 2019.

Not forgetting the survival city builders, Surviving Mars and Aven Colony. There’s also the sub-genre of Theme Park building games that have been severly neglected on console until recently with release of Jurrasic World Evolution.

Jurassic World Evolution, the first ‘proper’ park builder on consoles for ages

As a long time player of Cities: Skylines on Xbox, it’s great to see it doing so well after nearly 2 years, the continued support of the game is very welcomed. It will feature everything the PC version has to offer (as mentioned above) albeit at slightly later date. It also features mods on the Xbox version, though it still lacks some of the much needed ones (Traffic management mod please!). The controls work phenomenanly well considering they have been converted for controller use, it is a shame that this is probably the main reason why we don’t see that many games of this genre on consoles, though I do understand the time and effort it takes to make these alterations.

Of course we all know that Microsoft announced last year that mouse and keyboard support will be available on Xbox One for selected titles, and will be down to developers to include it going forward. Could this be the catalyst for more games from the genre making the move to Xbox?

Games such as the Anno series, Dawn of Man, Frost Punk and Banished are just a few games that come to mind that are popular on PC. Not forgetting the Theme Park builders, with the extremely popular Planet Coaster being the first I’d like to see.

Anno 2025: One in the series of city buiders by Ubisoft

I believe that it’s time we saw more of these making their way over to Xbox, I for one would take advantage of mouse and keyboard to play these games. Going off of the popularity of Cities: Skylines alone, there’s definitely room for more “builder” games, and I’m sure those that play it would lap up the chance to play some of the fantastic games mentioned above on Xbox. It does go without saying that mouse and Keyboard support plus Microsoft’s allowance for mods in games on the Xbox platform will bring these games ever closer to their PC counterparts. Who knows, we may even one day see the console return of the grandaddy of all city builders, SimCity.

What are your thoughts, do you like city/park builders, would you like to see more making their way on to Xbox, would you use mouse and keyboard if more of these games made their way over? Let us know in the comments.

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