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JumpJet Rex is developed by TreeFortress Games and published by LOOT Interactive. JumpJet Rex takes players back to the days of the 80’s/90’s platformers with its 16-bit graphics and chiptune soundtrack which really capture the feel of a classic platformer. With multiple single-player and co-op modes to play players who like their platformers really have a lot to get from JumpJet Rex.

Following Rex, the first and only Dinonaught in space you must stop an asteroid from destroying Earth while making your way through a series of levels with many different obstacles, including bosses to do so. Three modes are available to play single player in; these are: Adventure Mode; in which you have the basic experience in which you have to get all three stars for each objective on every level, can make use of checkpoints and get to enjoy the game. Rage Quit Rex challenges players by giving them only three lives to beat the whole game and no checkpoints, one for the experienced players. Finally, there is Speed Run mode in which you have to beat a condensed version of the game to set the fastest time possible. Plenty to do for each type of player as well since there is well over 30 levels to do and multiple ways of playing.

Co-op modes are offered as well but these are local only modes which are made for friends to play around on, they offer Arena, Races and simple Co-Op for story mode but the main experience will be single player since local is becoming less and less common. One of the other features which is really cool in the game is the many different customisation options available for Rex that players can buy to make him look unique when their ghost is running around levels, allowing players to show off their looks when they finally beat their friend on a level.

A large variety of environments, enemies, obstacles and a different soundtrack for each environment stop the game from getting boring and the aspect of a platformer that really captures the challenge of older platformers makes the game especially appealing and fun to play. One of the favorite things in the game in my opinion though was the bosses. They each have their own environments, patterns and really gave off MegaMan vibes (minus the powers to use). The other gamemodes also give players plenty of reason to come back and go through the game.


Throughout the levels there are also many different secrets to find which can take you to secret areas which you can complete for what I’d imagine is an extra star (out of the three for each level) or something else like a customisation option. I personally didn’t complete a secret area in my time with the game before writing this so for those for those of you that pick the game up you have something to find out!

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Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Audio 8
Replay Value 8.5
Value for Money 8
JumpJet Rex

Summary: JumpJet Rex brings back the feeling from platformers of old, offering plenty of re playability, a great soundtrack and definitely offers the challenging aspect of them. Also having some modern twists such as local co-op, customisation and speed run modes; the more devoted players of platformer games will find themselves right at home playing JumpJet Rex. Its Adventure Mode also provides a more friendly experience allowing newer players to get a taste of the game and develop their skills. A well thought out platformer and feels just as good as the games it took inspiration from.

  • Really feels like a 90's platformer
  • Brilliant gameplay and soundtrack
  • Variety of customisation
  • Different gamemodes for different player types
  • Local only co-op

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