Kingdom: New Lands Review

Kingdom: New Lands is a side scrolling strategy/management style game where you play as a King or Queen and have to protect your crown from the invading Greed. Building upon the original game Kingdom, it includes more lands to explore, seasons and a new end game. So what did we think to Kingdom: New Lands? read on to find out..

  • Dev: Noio/Raw Fury
  • Pub: Raw Fury
  • Release Date: 9/8/16
  • PEGI Rating: 7
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 504.37 MB
  • Genre: Strategy/Management
  • Price: £11.99
  • The biggest difference that is in Kingdom New Lands from the original game is you now can progress to another island which is when you finish building the boat and your builders have pushed it to the dock. There are five islands in total, in which the difficulty gets progressively harder for each island. You also carry over people onto the next island. The difficulty itself starts of pretty high as you are thrown into Kingdom with very little help what to do and its very much a ‘trail and error’ game until you get used to all the mechanics and how fast you should be expanding and what you should or shouldn’t be building. To me this is a good thing that they have done as in most strategy games like this you are hand-held through the whole of the game.

    The day, night and weather cycle of Kingdom: New Lands shows the beauty of Kingdom and the graphics and animations of the sea and rain are amazingly unique to what i have seen with the 32 bit style. The colour scheme of the game when it changes weather and season is beautiful as the transition of the seasons is great use of colours and animation as it seems so smoothly done.The audio for the game is set perfectly too, nothing is too loud and nothing is too quite or annoying, even the noise of the enemies which is the same noise over and over it never gets on your nerves because its so well done. The music is also great to listen to and is very relaxing to listen to and never feels repetitive.The random chests and items that you can find to buff and help you along the way of Kingdom adds quite a bit of depth and adds a good sense of exploration in kingdom.


    I have two issues with this game though as you cannot just choose what island you want to go to straight away you have to go through the first island to choose what island you want to travel to if you have gotten to the second,third,fourth or fifth island, and if you fail, you start again and you start from the very beginning this can become very tedious if you want to see the new things that have been put into the game and if you haven’t got used to the games mechanics then it is probably for the best if you look up a guide as the islands are randomized but knowing what to do in certain scenarios will help you get through the game and see what great things that is inside of Kingdom New Lands.

    The other problem is the assignment of certain people, like the archers when you buy them they should be able to be set where you put them, even though micro management on these types of games can be stressful and tedious it will make the game so much more easy to play as in one run of the games all of my archers I ‘bought’ mainly went towards the side that wasn’t being attacked at all, and the side that was was broken into and I lost everything. I’d personally prefer if you could send archers one way or the other so its not exactly micro management but its more you feel like you have control over what is happening.


    You may find that the accuracy of the archers, this can be outweighed by finding the archer statue and putting coins into it. This will make them more accurate and will help you for one, two or three days. The knights which you are able to buy when you get to upgrading your kingdom to a castle will help fight back and hold the enemies away longer and can also be sent into the boat to be carried on into the next level. I thought this was a great way to add further exploration and makes it much easier on the further islands when you take them across.

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    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 8.5
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 8.5
    Kingdom New Lands

    Summary Kingdom: New Lands Features great visuals and animation that feel quite fluid. The simple concept of managing your kingdom by the use of throwing around coins is simple enough for anyone to pick up, but difficult to master. If you can get the hang of it, there's a fair few hours to be lost in this gem of a game.

    • Good graphics
    • Good Audio
    • Great Animations
    • Interesting exploration
    • No basic control over population
    • Have to start over if you fail

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