Kyub review

Kyub is a retro style 3D puzzle game developed and distributed by Ninja egg. You control Kyub a cube with special powers you have to move from checkpoint to checkpoint while avoiding traps and obstacles. these are not the only challenges you will have to face as even the landscape can get in your way.

  • Dev: Ninja Egg
  • Pub: Ninja Egg
  • Release Date: 13/7/16
  • PEGI Rating: 3
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 1014.21 MB
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Price: £15.99
  • This game at its heart is all about problem solving there will be a lot of death whilst working your way through levels controlling the cube although seems simple can be a little tricky when you add the 3D element up down left and right all depends of what way the camera is facing the left stick or the D pad is used to control the cube whilst the right stick is used to control the camera is very easy to become confused and go the wrong way which in most cases will involve death.

    The first few levels shouldn’t be a problem you will have to avoid spikes or remove them by pressing buttons detonate bombs and get out of the way of lasers but the game very quickly gets a lot more difficult the simple path isn’t always the best way with some some paths being blocked until you carry out certain tasks and in later levels you are able to manipulate your surroundings and with 80+ levels there is a lot of problems to solve.The game is played through a series of worlds and each world is split up into stages giving you different scenery to look at as you work your way through the stages you can choose to collect stars if you collect enough of these you can use them to purchase things from the in game store.

    kyub 1

    Game-play is fast and fluid as you work your way through the stage you are set against a timer each stage is scored through time taken to complete and deaths. Each stage is split into sections you have to complete tasks and get to the checkpoints throughout the stage so there is a large emphasis on replay-ability as there are options to take other paths / pick up collectables beat times and of course die less.

    Graphics in the game are bright and colorful retro style with both the block like game area and backgrounds working really well together the soundtrack in this game is a looping repetitive tune that changes from stage to stage.

    I found this game great fun and some of the puzzles are quite challenging and sometimes a little frustrating. As you are navigating stages you will have to avoid things press buttons and set off bombs some of these are time sensitive and need to be done very quickly my main issue with this game is the soundtrack although its kind of fun and catchy to start with it begins to grind after a while and contribute to your frustration on later levels.

    kyub 2

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 7

    Summary: Soundtrack aside this is a well made puzzle game with many challenges, collectables and a lot of replay value in the end it will leave you both elated and frustrated with the feeling of could i have done that stage better, all in all a great puzzle game.

    • bright and colorful graphics
    • many puzzles to complete
    • repetitive soundtrack

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