Lego City Undercover Review

Lego City Undercover is an action and adventure free roam mash up it was originally released on the Wii U, with a few changes to suit the Xbox One it’s made it’s way to us, Is Lego City Undercover a block above the rest? read out review to find out…

  • Developer: TT Games
  • Publisher: Warner Brother Int
  • Release Date: 07/04/17
  • PEGI Rating: 7+
  • Players: 1-2
  • Download size: 17.87Gb
  • Category: Action & Adventure
  • Price: £49.99/$59.99
  • Lego City Undercover follows Chase McCain on his journey through Lego City hunting for Rex Fury, Rex recently escaped from prison after previously being arrested by the police chief after Chase tracked him down and put all of the leg work in, due to Rex being a notorious criminal who is good at eluding the police, Chase has been brought back again to look into this case and track down Rex in a comical open world Grand Theft Auto type storyline

    With Lego City Undercover being an open world you feel like you have room to breath, admittedly at the start a lot of the place is locked down until you play through some of the campaign you can still wander around a decent sized area at your own free will, you’ll find side missions collectables and mega builds along with way which i will talk about a little later, right now i’d like to focus on Chase McCain, as you play as a single character you unlock different outfits which have different skills and tools they bring to the table for example Chase McCain in his police officer outfit can use his tablet to scan an area for footprints leading to parts you may require to unlock the puzzle of a level or one of the illustrious super bricks which aid you when attempting a super build the police officer uniform also has the use of a grappling hook in which you can use to climb up buildings higher or use to pull obstacles down, you can only use this at designated points but it is a handy tool! Other outfits include the robber uniform in which you’re equipped with a crow bar to break into certain rooms along with safe cracking abilities and later in the campaign you’re able to obtain a paint gun which can be used for various things including turning green lights red to power something off or to turn an object silver to reflect a laser beam, this is just 2 of the many outfits you can acquire, many different attributes are brought to the table which help to create a vast amount of puzzles set around the Lego City.

    Now let’s talk about super builds! Super builds are found around Lego City during missions and when exploring the world, for these you will need a set amount of spare bricks kicking around, you can gather these by smashing things up or collecting super bricks, super builds can be all sorts of things for example you can build a ferry to get you around or on one mission you build a jet powered truck to bust through traffic, it’s not just vehicles it’s bridges, dragons and all sorts of other super structures, these help you throughout the campaign offering a lot of fun and in some cases you will need a super build to excel through the level! Whilst you’re building these super builds and utilizing the different characters you’ll come across the vast amount of collectables, the main one that first pops up in front of you will be the golden bricks, 450 in total to collect, you obtain these pretty much everywhere, i’ve knocked down a police disguise booth and been given one (police disguise booths are also a collectable to be found around the city) the other main collectable that caught my eye were vehicles you unlock vehicles throughout the campaign in different ways, the first one i unlocked was after building the super build next to the police station, this gave me a gold brick and a police vehicle i could call in at one of the vehicle call points, you use coins to buy most of the vehicles which are scattered throughout the city in generous quantities, i wasn’t a massive fan of the vehicles personally, they done what they said on the tin but i did find the driving to be extremely slow paced, handling was like a tank and sadly i came across more glitches whilst in vehicles than anything else, but i can’t completely knock it, this isn’t GTA or a racing game, the vehicles aren’t supposed to be perfect they are used for a purpose during car chase missions and for fun when you fancy a free roam about the city. All in all the main collectables i could see were 39 Super Bricks, 305 variants of outfits, 120 vehicles and as stated above 450 gold bricks, you’ll also find other smaller amounts of collectables in missions or when free roaming which aren’t as important as those i’ve just stated but do help when playing through the campaign.

    I played the game alone most of the time as Lego City Undercover only offers a couch co-op option, i did however manage to get a player 2 for a little while and played through a few levels, other than the fact i had to share my screen which sent me into a small huff it was enjoyable, i couldn’t find a fault with it and each of us could explore the city as we wished, i did assume we would both be stuck in similar small areas but it let us roam freely i have to admit i’d have prefered an online multiplayer even if it was just for one person, it would have opened many doors but the local multiplayer was nothing to be laughed at.

    As you can expect from a Lego game it’s quite well presented with bright colours an amazing lego architecture which was detailed enough to even show cracks in the pavement, almost everything can be customised to suit a colour of your choice which added a little extra excitement to my preferred colour pallet ontop of the decent artwork you’re greeted with a cheesy 70’s detective tv show theme tune in the background this changed constantly through the campaign but whenever anything was playing all i could think of was an old TV show like starsky and hutch (they are also referenced a few times throughout the game) this was easy on the ears and fit the game perfectly if any other theme of music had been used it just wouldn’t have felt right.


    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 7.5
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value For Money 8
    Lego City Undercover

    I've been thinking of how I can summarise Lego City Undercover with so much to do that isn’t an easy task but… imagine Grand Theft Auto with a lego theme, obviously no gore and very very mild violence (by mild I mean kung fu fighting against AI in a very simplistic way) add a large amount of comedy in the form of, movie and game references at almost every turn and that would still not be everything that Lego City Undercover brings to the table, I've had hours of fun playing this game, if you’re a fan of open world action adventure games or puzzle games and even just lego games this is one for you to pick up, I know it was previously released on the Wii U but the changes that have been made to bring it to the Xbox One have helped create an even better playing game.

    • Large campaign
    • Comical tongue and cheek references throughout
    • Vast amount of collectables
    • A lot of color customization on vehicles etc
    • Vehicle handling and speed isn't great
    • No online multiplayer

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