Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered is developed by Bacon Bandit Games and published Digerati Distribution. Join Grimm and Rose, two whimsical Grimm Reapers defeat a mass of enemies; including monsters, ghosts and even evil bunnies, using the power of words alone! You spell out words, some long some short, whatever the board throws at you. Each letter, like the well-known game Scrabble, has a higher value ranging from 1-3. The higher the score of the word created, the higher the amount of damage that is thrust upon you enemy. Each time you defeat the enemy you collect gems, these gems can be used to buy potions, books, special items, and you can even upgrade your scythe, body armour and your health! All which you will need when you make your way through the more difficult levels!

You have 3 stars to collect on each level, and each star makes you complete the level in a different way;

Star 1- All you have to do is defeat the enemies, simple! Right?

Star 2- On this level you are timed, you have to defeat the monsters, but on a time limit! And as you make your way through the levels, you will find that you have got little extras to do during the game, like opening a chest to find a special item! But don’t let that time tick own to 0, or you won’t get the star!

Star 3- On each stage, star 3 is always different, for example; some monsters will only sustain damage if you create a word with 4 letters. Another one, which I found particularly difficult, was when they took all the vowels away, and only left you with one! How many words can you create with the letter i? It’s harder than you think!


After you complete the three stars there is an ultra-challenging Crystal Star Challenge on each level, which really will test your vocabulary skills, you puzzle solving skills, and in my case, my patience! I did find these extremely difficult, and found I had play through a lot of the regular levels, to gain gems to buy upgrades, before completing the Crystal Star Challenge. This was very time consuming, and although it did challenge you, sometimes you just want to get through a level to have that sense of achievement, and I was slowly getting angrier at the fact that I couldn’t do it!

I must admit the graphics of this game are very child friendly, and if you’re struggling to get the kids down to do their spelling homework, this is a fantastic fun little game to help them along! It gives them a game to play, but they are learning too, and even for the adults, this game will always have you thinking, especially on the level where you’re on a time limit, I soon started to question my English skills! Personally, I find the game play a little repetitive, and having to complete each individual star to even have a chance at completing the Crystal Star Challenge can be a little long winded. However, I found myself getting addicted to this game, and I felt like I was in competition with myself on what words I can make!

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Gameplay 7
Graphics 6.5
Audio 6.5
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 8
Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered

Summary: Overall, I would say this is a good little game to play when you fancy a challenge, or even a change to what you would usually play! You can play it alone or get others involved too, I think this would be great for the kids, and real fun for the family! With fun characters and a head scratching game, I think Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered can be enjoyed by anyone!

  • Familiy friendly
  • Fun characters
  • Repetitive
  • Time consuming

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