Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures Review

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Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures is developed and published by Moving Player, it tells the story of Gary who is late for work after his birthday shenanigans the previous night. You have to stealth your way through 22 floors to get to your office; getting past work colleagues, security guards, scientists and management.

With the assistance of your friend Marty you have to climb through vents, hide in boxes and use laxatives to trick office workers in an attempt to get through each nail biting level! Along with this you also have a hidden collectable in each level and a safe with a code you have to crack from using clues in your surroundings (believe me it gets extremely difficult later in the game). Safes are not always easily visible which means you’ll sometimes have to go through the level again and walk around not so safe areas snooping over and over until you find what you’re looking for.


As many of you will know from playing other stealth games, 9 times out of 10 you will always have more ways to get through a level whether you’re knocking someone out with a big book, making them move with food or eradicating them with poisoned food, you’ll always manage to find your way. On top of all of the fun of getting through this stealth puzzle nail biting rage quitting game, you come across a few boss rounds, all are different and have different ways to complete them, they aren’t always explained as straight forward as you would like, this keeps you thinking and looking at your surroundings.

Timing can be key throughout the boss stages as in the entire game! With the addition of some witty banter mixed in I found myself really enjoying what I thought would be a simple straight forward game, although it turned out to be more puzzling and more difficult as the levels went on than I expected. The cartoon style graphics are quite refreshing compared to a lot of pixel block games that have been coming out over the past few months and they also compliment the top down 3D levels; nice vibrant colours that are easy on the eyes as you are playing! it doesn’t always have to be the best graphics in the world to be the best game and I think Moving Player have done a decent job. Is it the best stealth game in the world? No, was it meant to be? No. Is it worth a play through? Yes!

Moving Player provided a download code for this review
Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 7
Audio 6.5
Replay Value 6
Value for Money 7.5
Level 22: Gary's Misadventures

Summary: Level 22 Gary's Misadventures shows you the hungover tale of a man trying to outsmart his fellow employee's and management using all kinds of witty tricks. For anyone who wants a filler game in between the Triple-A titles this is a must have, ranging through 20 levels including 4 boss levels it will have you constantly thinking and adapting to your surroundings. From easy to play basics to complete darkness levels you'll have hours of fun finding your way to his office, and let's be honest, if you could attempt this in real life we would all give it a go!

  • Good value for money
  • Keeps you on your toes
  • Well thought out secrets
  • Campaign could have done with some more levels
  • Dialogue was extremely long winded at times

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