LucidSound LS30 Universal Gaming Headset Review

LucidSound is a fairly new headset company founded by the people that started TRITTON, and staff who have worked for Turtle Beach and Mad Catz. They aim to bring the best audio quality in a headset that you would not mind wearing outside of your gaming room. So how does the LS30 compare to this goal? Read on to find out..

ls-30 specs

The first thing that you will notice with any headset is its design and build quality, the LS30 doesn’t disappoint in either department. It comes nicely presented in its box, and upon first inspection you’re hit with how well built it is along with the design features it has. From its memory foam ear cushions to its ‘quilted’ stitched headband. It is very comfortable to wear for an hour or so, however, for me I would have preferred the ear cups to have been a little more oval, as they would have made a better fit over my ears. As a result I found my ears getting hot from having the ear cushions sitting on them, rather than around them.

I can fully understand that the ear cups are made in this way to accommodate the built in headset control wheels. So it can be forgiven for that, as I found the control wheels simply genius. Gone has the fumbling to find a tiny in-line control, or remembering which button is which on other headsets with controls on the ear cups, You simply grab the outside of the ear cup and rotate it to turn the game/voice chat volume up and down (left ear cup game volume, right ear cup chat volume) and to mute you simply press the centre of the ear cup in to mute, again both left and right for game and chat mute. Muting is also met with an audible tone letting you know you have done so, also when using the mic boom a small blue LED will light up on the top of it denoting you have the mic muted.

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All of the supplied cables are the typical plastic coated ones, it would have been nice to have had braided cables, but again this must be a design choice to keep it looking sleek. The brushed metal frame work is extremely sturdy and incorporated in to the headset design really well, The metal frame also goes in to the adjustable headband which is a big plus for me as some headsets use plastic here, and as a result become a very weak point on the headset. The mic boom can be removed if you want to, as the headset also has a built in microphone, great for using with mobile devices.

The LS30 is also wireless, it comes with the “base station” which slots in to a USB post and has an optical cable that you simply plug into the side of the base station and then in to the optical port on the back of your console. Upon first doing this you will see a blue LED blinking on the top of the base station, this is it searching for your headset. To connect you simply press and hold the power button on the headset for 7 seconds. During our setup this worked straight away, and it is also worth noting that the headset did arrive with some charge in it so we didn’t have to wait for the headset to charge first (It is charged via a micro USB cable). The connection between the headset and base station was solid throughout and never lost signal.

Base station and optical cable

Base station and optical cable

I will mention at this point that for Xbox One the wireless function only works for game audio, to use party chat you must use the supplied 3.5mm cable to connect the headset to the Xbox One controller. This is a design flaw of the Xbox One as the headset is full wireless on PS4. There’s a few extra steps to setting up the headset depending on which console you use, and on Xbox One, which controller you use. If you are using a first gen Xbox One controller you will need to purchase a separate headset adaptor to use the party chat function. All the steps are laid out nice and clear on the provided set up leaflet, and should take no more than a couple of minutes to get the headset set up.

Now we’re fully set up and ready to go it’s time for the audio quality. The sound produced by the 50mm speakers is probably the best I’ve heard yet, coupled with the three equaliser settings that the headset has, you’re sure to find the levels that suit your tastes best, whether it’s more bass or treble you want, you simply press the equaliser button located on the rear of the right ear cup with each setting indicated by 1,2 or 3 beeps. Across the board though the audio is fantastic. The mic was tested in a party and it was noted that my voice was “Less bass-y” than other headsets I have used.

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The headset’s battery life is around 15 hours long, and the headset lets off an audible note when the battery is running low and needs charging. Another good feature about the LS30 is that it can be used in what is called “passive” mode, where the headset can be turned off and still receive sound and voice chat (as long as it is connected via the 3.5mm cable). This is great if you’re using it out and about as the headset can be attached to a number of mobile phones and hand held gaming devices as long as they have a 3.5 mm audio jack.

I also noticed this was the same for the Xbox One. As I turned it off to put it on charge, I noticed the game and party chat were still coming through, so a real big plus if you’re in the middle of an intense online game on Xbox One and the battery is running low simply turn it off and as long as you have the 3.5 mm audio cable attached to the controller you can carry on, instead of hiding in a corner and quickly fumbling around to find your ’emergency’ headset. Although the headset can be charged while in use, the supplied charging cable is not long enough to do so, so you would have to look into buying a separate cable if this is something you wanted to do.

This product was supplied for the purpose of this review
Audio 10
Build quality 10
Comfort 9.7
Value for money 9.5
LucidSound LS30 Headset

Summary: The LucidSound LS30 is an excellent all round headset that produces amazing audio quality. It's very versatile and can be used for most devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack, the built in mic makes it ideal for mobile phones so you can take calls on the go. If you're looking for a go-to headset for everything give the LucidSound LS30 a look.

  • Amazing audio
  • Easy to use built in controls
  • Build quality
  • Ear cups sit on ears and can make them feel hot

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