MagNets: Fully Charged Review

MagNets: Fully Charged is developed and published by Total Monkery. ‘Polarity City is under threat: the Bloxbots have gone rogue! Usually rather stupid, Polarity City’s favourite maintenance cubes have suddenly become dangerous. Far from fixing things, the Bloxbots are destroying everything in sight… and why do they even HAVE lasers, anyway?’

When Playing MagNets fully charged you’ll find yourself Playing as park ranger Faraday your job is to find out where the magnetpets have dissapeared to and fight the “mad”  bloxbots along the way! You can attack bloxbots using your magnetic net (hold RT to deploy then LT to change the size of your net moving your character around) this simple objective becomes very addictive as you work through the levels! i found myself planning on playing a level to get a feel for the game and ended up playing for a few hours! the simplicity of this game is something i enjoyed, destroy bloxbots using your MagNet, collect the scrap and place that into the Recyletron to gain whatever component(s) you require to complete the level!

Throughout the game the difficulty level is increased, you come across different robots on your travels and different ways you have to complete said level although you always have to use the Recycletron which made it extremely repetative, you have other options to help you defeat Bloxbots although they are only dash and stomp, dash gets you out of the way quicker and stomp see’s you jump into the air and stomp down stunning the bloxbot i noticed even if you stunned them you still had to deploy your MagNet twice to obtain scrap from them, you could complete this game in a few hours even with the difficulty level increasing although i do feel like this game has been developed more for a family environment than a hardcore gamer!


As much as i enjoyed this game it wasn’t without it’s faults, when creating my video i had to restart a few times in the playground tutorial area as the enemies would not spawn in and on one occasion the level did not complete eventhough i had placed both fuses in the desired areas, i came across a few glitches when becoming stuck on objects, the only resolution was to reatsrt the level and one of the biggest pains that happend during my gameplay was the fact if you save up 100 scrap metal and put it into the recycletron for something costing lets say 45, it would take the full 100 off you and only give you on piece, so you can’t kill as many enemies in as short a period of time then use the scrap to collect all the required parts which i thought would have been a better option for the achievement hunters out there! And lastly the multiplayer is locked even after release, i have spoken to Total Monkery who have promised it will go live soon,as a result this review reflects the single player portion of the game!

The graphics are above basic which was nice to see as they could have got away with some extremely basic graphics, this helps the overall experience when playing along with the catchy retro music it’s a perky little number!

A download code was provided for this review

Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 7
Audio 8
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 6
MagNets: Fully Charged

Summary: MagNets: Fully Charged is a arena-based collect-em-up game which would be best suited as a family game, it will have you wanting to replay certain levels to better your score, is it the most talked about ID@XBOX game? no but it will bring hours of enjoyment

  • 20 Levels across 4 worlds
  • Decent audio tracks
  • Multiplayer Locked
  • A few glitches which required a level restart

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