Mantis Burn Racing Battle Cars DLC Review

  • Dev: VooFoo Studios
  • Pub: VooFoo Studios
  • Release Date: 12/09/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1-4 local 2-8 online
  • Size: 168.16 MB
  • Category: Racing
  • Price: £1.99/$2.49/€2.49
  • The Battle Cars DLC for Mantis Burn Racing builds upon an already amazing top down racer and adds a whole new experience with weaponised vehicles. It features three new cars, one for each weight class and are available to use straight away. Each is heavily Armoured and comes with a top mounted machine gun and rear mounted mines. This DLC pack also includes three new modes, ‘King of the Track’ ‘Survival’ and ‘Accumulator Rumble’ available in both local and online play, and to cap it all off, the Battle Cars have their very own season in Career mode.

    While not affecting the dynamic of the original game, the Battle Cars DLC adds just about the right amount of change to the game to pique the interest of those looking to blow stuff up. VooFoo could have quite easily gone the whole hog with power-ups and weapon upgrades, but instead have found the middle ground from what they already have, and let’s say Micro Machines.

    The use of the two weapons available to all are limited in a couple of different ways, the machine gun has unlimited ammo, however it over heats quickly and has to cool down before it can be used again, it also cannot be used until the first checkpoint of a race. Mines are also restricted until the first lap has been completed, at which point players are given three mines per lap that can be dropped at any time, but will explode after a time if no vehicle comes into contact with them.

    These restrictions to the weapons makes using them just as tactical as racing around the track. One slight flaw I did notice is that if a player or AI manage to get a clean getaway from the rest of the pack, it is pretty much done and dusted in terms of the winner, as there’s no real threat to them once out of range of the chasing pack, who will be falling over themselves as they constantly blow each other up and respawn.

    battle cars lancer
    battle cars mauler
    battle cars stinger

    The addition of the Battle Season is very much welcomed as this adds a good amount of playing time to the game, with a total of 26 events to get stuck into. There’s XP to earn, as well as the upgrade unlocks at certain points of the season. It features a mix of events, from the standard races and the three new event types, which I’ll touch a little more upon. First up is King of the Track, in this mode a racer is picked at random to start the race as ‘king’, while a racer is king they will earn a point for every checkpoint they pass, the racer who blows up the King will then take the crown, which sits on top of the car and adds weight, making it tricky to keep the spot when surrounded. Survival is all about staying alive, and being the last car standing having driven the furthest distance. Accumulator Rumble takes the standard Accumulator event, and adds points gained and lost for destroying cars and being destroyed respectively. (A quick side note, you will need to install the free snowbound DLC to access the Battle Season)

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 8
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value for Money 9.5
    Mantis Burn Racing Battle Cars DLC

    Yet another great addition to an already fantastic game, Battle Cars adds a twist to the core game giving it more life. Kudos to VooFoo for sticking with Mantis Burn Racing and providing some superb additional content that is priced so well. Looking forward to what they've got up their sleeve in the future!

    • Adds a new twist to the game.
    • Great price point.
    • Nothing to stop a car that breaks away from the pack and gains a decent lead.

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