Mantis Burn Racing Snowbound & Elite Class DLC Review

VooFoo Studios recently released two DLC packs for their really enjoyable top down racer, Mantis Burn Racing and I got a chance to put them to the test. I will be reviewing both packs separately but scoring them collectively.

The first one, called the ‘Snowbound Pack’, is a free piece of additional content that adds icy roads and snowy mountains to the list of terrains and It adds two more seasons to the veteran class too. Snowbound adds a new dynamic to the existing Mantis Burn content as you have to adjust how you control your cars. The roads are quite slippy, more so than any other terrain in the game and you have to be very careful how you take the corners while being mindful of your opponents too, as a slight bump could knock you off course and straight in to a barricade.

It is the Mantis Burn gameplay that you will be familiar with but it adds a new challenge to your career, giving you something a little bit different to get your teeth into. The visuals are really nice with the glistening snow and shiny roads, that capture the effects really well. If you already own Mantis Burn then you can’t go wrong with this pack and with it being free, it is an essential download.

The second pack called ‘Elite Class’ costs £1.99 and adds hover vehicles to your garage and a new Elite section to your career. The hover vehicles control very differently to the regular cars and trucks because none of the terrains affect how they control. You have to be very careful though because these don’t have any grip, so they are more prone to flying off corners and you really have to take extra care around those winding roads and keep on track.

All of this adds a new dimension to the game and presents a different style that is both enjoyable but challenging at the same time and you’ll definitely need some practice adjusting to how these new vehicles manoeuvre. Overall they look great and have a sound to them that is very similar to the sound of the pods in Star Wars, which makes a nice change from the slightly whiny sound of the regular cars. The Elite Class section of the career is fun and adds a fresh extension to the seasons and gives the player something a little bit different to the regular classes.

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Graphics 8
Gameplay 8.5
Audio 7
Replay Value 8.5
Value For Money 9.5
Mantis Burn Racing Elite Class DLC

VooFoo Studios should be given some praise for the commitment they are showing this game post release. There is a decent amount of extra and new content provided in both packs and they add a slightly different spin on the already fun gameplay of Mantis Burn. If you already own the game and want something to freshen things up or just to add something a bit more challenging then you really can't go wrong with both of these packs, because for under two quid for the Elite Class pack and the free Snowbound Pack, you are getting a fair amount of extra content.

  • Good price point
  • Fair amount of extra content
  • New challenges

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