Meow Motors Review

Dev: ArtVostock
Pub: ArtVostock
Released: 02/08/19
Players: 1-4 local
Size: 7.56 GB
Price: £12.49/$14.99/€14.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Meow Motors is a Kart Racing game featuring a cast of cats. With a story based career mode and local multiplayer. The story is fairly typical of racing, bad guy (Master Duke) cheats to win a race against the protagonist (Rocky) taking his helmet as a trophy, you then have to compete in a series of races to take your revenge. It plays out in an animated comic book style. It gives a bit of rhyme and reason to the game rather than just racing for the sake of it.

There’s 10 different areas to unlock, each having varying amounts of events to compete in, with straight up Racing, Strike and Drift events. As you would expect, there’s weapon pick-ups scattered throughout the tracks, with more unlocking as you progress through the career. Strike is where weapons become the most useful as in this mode you have a set time limit to take out as many opponents as possible, while race is based on coming first, so weapons are used more sparingly, usually to gain an advantage to take first place. Drift events feature no weapons as you are on track by yourself and have a time limit to reach a set score to pass.

Each event in career can award you with 1-3 stars depending on your finishing result, stars are used to unlock later areas to progress through career. You’ll also find more vehicles and characters to unlock as you progress, again tied to earning stars. Characters are more than just cosmetic changes, with some having abilities that affect gameplay, such as having longer boost times, or not affected by oil slicks etc. It keeps the game fresh as you progress.

Local multiplayer is restricted to quick race, here you have access to all the tracks and weapons and can set up a race with options such as what weapons are available, lap and AI amount. there’s 4 cars and characters to choose from in this mode straight away, with the rest having to be unlocked in career.

It’s very enjoyable in local multiplayer, I had a blast playing with my children, Gameplay is solid with great controls, I also really like the drifting feature. Visuals are spot on, A 3D cartoon look that appeals with some great details around the tracks, framerate also holds up well, even with lots going on on screen. Audio is ok, with a varying soundtrack that goes with the theme of each race track.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 9
Audio 6
Replay Value 7
Meow Motors

Meow Motors is a cracking kart racer for less than $15 that holds up well against others in the genre that cost twice as much. A storied career keeps you interested in singleplayer while local multiplayer is great family fun. I'd love to see online added to give the game more longevity.

  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Fun in split screen
  • Great visuals
  • lack of online may reduce longevity

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