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Mimic Arena is developed and published by Tiny Horse Games ‘Mimic Arena is a local couch multiplayer platform shooter that focuses on high energy and quick reflexes. Up to four buddies are pitted against one another, but only those who have mastered the arts of jump and shoot dare hope to stand a chance, thankfully you will have some backup. Everything the player does, wherever they go, and wherever they fire; is recorded and then played back again as a Mimic. These clones will be an integrate part of any players arsenal. Providing distractions and supporting fire for new players and enabling more advanced strategy such as zoning and coordinated attacks for veterans.’

Being the first game for Tiny Horse Games, I was looking forward to getting my hands on Mimic Arena and seeing what it was about. The core game is an arena platformer, with the added element of the player ‘Mimics’ making the gameplay more frantic, and I’ll talk a little more about this later. Before I go any further though I will say that at least 2 players are needed to get a game going, this made reviewing the game quite difficult, and I ended up having to persuade fellow staff member Dylan to grab a second controller So I could make a start.

So as I’ve mentioned above, Mimic Arena is an arena platformer for 2-4 players Local Multiplayer. It consists of 3 game modes Infiltration, Death Match and Survival. Infiltration is by far the better game mode and uses the ‘Mimic’ feature of the game the best. The ‘Mimic’ feature consists of an A.I. version of your character spawning in to the game once you have died, (or in the case of Infiltration ‘scored’) and follows your previous actions exactly up to the point of death/scoring. In infiltration mode you have to get from one side of the map to the other and ‘score’ by getting in to the opposition’s base. Now, for the goal to count the Mimic that spawns in and follows your route has to make it to the base.

mimic arena 2

This is where it all starts getting frantic, as at the same time you spawn back in the game, and can continue making your way to the base and spawn more Mimics and/or protect your current one as it makes its way to the base. Not forgetting trying to stop other players and their Mimics from reaching your base. Each arena is a different layout and size, and all have various weapons to pick up that work in different ways such as grenade launchers that bounce around and explode after few seconds, or immediately upon touching an enemy player, and the phase beam that can travel through walls. Some arenas also feature jump pads and teleporters that add a little more to the gameplay.

The other two game modes, Death match and Survival are pretty much the same as each other, with Death Match you’ll want to be the first to get to the set score of kills to win, while in Survival you’ll want to be protecting your ‘lives’ while killing the opposition to deplete theirs to win. Mimics also spawn in both of these game modes, and behave the same as in Infiltration, (spawn upon your death and perform the same actions until the death occurs to them,) with the difference being that in Death Match the Mimics are ‘teamed’ with their player and their kills count towards that players total. Where as in Survival Mimics are not ‘friendly’ with anyone and if you’re not careful can be killed by your own Mimic.

mimic arena1

A download code was provided for this review
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Audio 5
Replay Value 5.5
Value for Money 7
Mimic Arena

Summary: And that's pretty much it for Mimic Arena, a basic game with a nice idea behind it that definitely has potential if built upon in the future. Its biggest downfall is the fact that it requires two players to get a game started and that it is local multiplayer only, it definitely could do with some online action. Visually it has that "Tron Look" which seems to suit the game well along with its characters, the music is ok at best and just seems a little off to me. The 10 Arenas and three game modes should provide a decent pick up and play experience and is definitely a game to put on when you've got a few friends around.

  • The mimics add an extra element to the gameplay
  • pick up and play appeal
  • at least 2 players needed to get a game going
  • No online multiplayer

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