Monster Jam: Steel Titans Review

Dev: Rainbow Studios
Pub: THQ Nordic
Released: 25/06/19
Players: 1-2 Local
Size: 8.82 GB
Price: £34.99/$39.99/€39.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Monster Jam: Steel Titans puts you in the driving seat of some of the most famous monster trucks in the world. Featuring a large open area to explore and a variety of events to play within career or quick play.

Competing in events will award you with varying amounts of points depending upon your finishing position, these points can then be used to upgrade trucks, but only when you unlock them through playing career mode, doing well in an event will sometimes award you with a free bonus upgrade or a new truck.

Being ‘pinged’ across the map after touching out of bounds barrier

On first playing the gameplay feels ok, however, you’ll soon come across mildly frustrating physics that can ruin a decent run in an event, with trucks getting sent into bizzare spins, or wheels dipping below the map causing the truck to flip. Though messing around with the truck in free roam can often end up with some hilarious results, especially driving into ‘out of bounds areas at full speed. You want air? this will definitely provide it!

There’s 7 event types, with 4 race types, and 3 skills events. You can also free mode any arena that you have unlocked. I personally much prefer the skill based events though these can be tricky with the aforementioned physics issues, due to the fact you have to be almost angle perfect to be awarded tricks. Career features 6 championships, with you having to come at least 3rd overall to unlock the next. They start out with a mix of outdoor racing, then move on to the more exciting arena based events.

Captain’s Curse showing signs of wear and tear

I did like the fact that there’s FOV options, something relatively rare in console games. Giving you the chance to optimise the view to your own liking. Visually the game is OK, with the trucks looking well detailed, including the progression of damage and dirt sustained during an event. The environment however is a little bland and gives an overall dated appearance. The audio too is a bit of a miss for me, with generic rock style music playing throughout, the lack of any form of commentator during career is also a big loss. It would have added some much needed atmosphere.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 6.5
Audio 4
Replay Value 6
Value for Money 6.5
Monster Jam Steel Titans

Monster Jam Steel Titans feels like it should have had a bit more time in development, there's some odd physics that can make the game frustrating. Coupled with the lack of atmosphere it's only really good in short bursts. Hopefully now it's under the THQ Nordic umberella, future titles in the series can have a little more polish.

  • Nicely detailed trucks
  • FOV options
  • Environment looks dated
  • Odd physics
  • Lack of atmosphere

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