Mordheim: City of the Damned Review

For the first time Games Workshop’s table top game is playable as a video game. Set in the Empire city, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn based tactical game blended with RPG elements, where you lead Warbands into various skirmishes. Does this video game adaption of the table top game do it justice, or is it damned from the start? Read our review to find out..

  • Dev: Rogue Factor
  • Pub: Focus Home Int.
  • Release Date: 18/10/16
  • PEGI Rating: 16
  • Players: 1-2 online
  • Download size: 4.4 GB
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Price: £29.99
  • Mordheim: City Of The Damned is a video game creation of the Games Workshops table top game Mordheim. It is set within Empire City Within the Warhammer World. In this game you lead a group of Warbands into battles and skirmishes. It adds fast tactical fighting and highly detailed character customization. You can choose out of 4 Warbands (not including dlc) They are: Sisters of Sigmar, the Cult of the Possessed, Skaven and the Mercenaries of the Empire. You recruit new units, find and buy better gear for them and evolve and customise your Warband with experience earned from missions.

    The best things about Mordheim: City Of The Damned is the fact after about 35 hours of play time I haven’t seen the same match once. There are thousands of different unit combinations within a single Warband which is great for people looking for the Warband that best fits their style of play. There is tons of equipment to find while looting enemies and finding chests within the battlefield, with this you can have various weapons on different Warbands.


    Choose from the 4 Warbands to represent

    If you like hardcore RPG games this is for you, as it has long term consequences that can severely effect your Warband, This depending on your preference to RPG games can determine whether you like or dislike the game as this means you will need to be more strategic when starting a battle and thinking more about what weapons and what type of Warband synergies with the other. If you also like games with a steep learning curve this definitely has one as if you are unfamiliar with the warhammer, It also will teach you how to play other hardcore RPG games as it tells you how to deal with pressure and the RNG of the game can be unfair and you just need to find ways to counter most of the enemies attacks using your defenses and abilities.

    The art style is great and the animations are also well done but I feel the graphics are slightly dated and the game gets quite repetitive in combat as there is not much variety to the gameplay. The PVP is mostly non existent simply because of the crushing consequences of losing a fight and getting injured warband members so this generally discourages people to play online as most people who do, are well experienced with RPG games and this makes it even harder to find someone with your skill level.


    The lore for each Warband can be self-created

    I would say the biggest problem with Mordheim: City Of The Damned is the RNG, as even though you could have a high dodge chance the enemy could still hit you even though it has a small chance of hitting you, This could remove most of the time that you have spent in the game as it could kill your leader of the Warband, or one of your best members of the Warband making your team weaker for a long time making it harder to recover from losing members. The lore for each Warband can be self-created so the roleplay elements are fairly good this can apply to all Warband members that are hired.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value For Money 8
    Mordheim: City of the Damned

    Mordheim: City Of The Damned is great for a hardcore RPG that has serious consequences and long term recovery. The fighting elements can be unfair sometimes but the game as a recreation of the original table top game is fairly decent considering the game was also on a budget.

    • Good Recreation
    • Hardcore RPG
    • Large variety of warband customisations
    • The RNG is quite unfair
    • Crippling punishment from a high level warband dying

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