Mouse and Keyboard Support IS Coming to Xbox

Mouse and keyboard support has been a hot topic for a while now, with speculation as to whether it would ever come to Xbox or not. During last nights special episode of Inside Xbox, Phil Spencer confirmed that mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox. Heading into preview in October for Insiders, with Warframe being the first game to offer support for mouse and keyboard.

Phil did go on to say that moving forward mouse and keyboard support will be at developers discretion, so if a game is not designed to use mouse and keyboard, but controller only, then that’s the way it will be. There will be no forced support from Xbox’s end. Further more he stated that there’s games out there that cannot come to console because of the mouse and keyboard barrier, and that this support will hopefully encourage those games to come over to console.

He itterates this is all about choice, choice for developers to include support or not, choice for mouse and keyboard only games to be able to come over to console and most importantly, choice for the player.

Finally Phil also announced that Xbox is partnering with Razer for peripherals, with more details being shared on this in the November Episode of Inside Xbox. Although any USB mouse and Keyboard will be usable with Xbox One.

You can check out everything Phil said about mouse and keyboard support in this months episode of Inside Xbox at around 4hrs 58 mins.

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