Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Review

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is a point & click puzzle game in which Mr Pumpkin goes off to find his memory in the vegetable kingdom, featuring 50 scenes with interconnected puzzles. Have a read of our review to see if Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is worth checking out…

  • Dev: Cotton Game
  • Pub: E-Home Ent.
  • Release Date: 17/05/17
  • ESRB: E
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 1.23 GB
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Price: $3.99
  • Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is the type of game that is easy to miss at first, but fans of point and click puzzle games that dare to to seek the unusual are in for a surprise here. Playing as the titular Mr. Pumpkin, we awaken to find ourselves in an incredibly surreal world where robots destroy cities with laser beam eyes and flies are surprisingly helpful so long as we come bearing the proper fruit as a gift. Mr. Pumpkin is thrust into the world with a slight case of amnesia, but we’re not entirely blind as there are diary pages to help us decode the puzzles that block our path from scene to scene. Additionally we are given cut scenes between certain chapters that help propel the story.

    Mr. Pumpkin Adventure’s cut scenes and over all art style hearkens back to the retro cartoons of yesteryear. This whimsical, hand drawn aesthetic helps to tie the visuals of Mr. Pumpkin Adventure in with the surreal craziness that is happening in every scene. Among the chaos, players can find puzzles, clues for solving said puzzles, and important items to help Mr. Pumpkin overcome his amnesia and see the world for what it really is.  Most of the puzzles are simple and logic based, such as finding a hammer to pry open a wooden crate. Others are notably more complicated, and frequently make use of mathematics, such as a puzzle that gives you four random numbers and you must use them to create an equation that totals the number 24.

    Mr. Pumpkin Adventure offers more than 50 hand drawn scenes in a retro cartoon art style that is responsible for a large part of the game’s whimsical charm.

    Mr. Pumpkin Adventure began its life as a mobile game before coming to console, and during that time it featured the option to pay real life cash (£0.79 to be precise) in order to skip the game’s more difficult puzzles. Thankfully, these microtransactions have been removed for the sake of the console version of the game. Those that find themselves stuck on any of the puzzles can make use of the game’s hint system, but even the hints are locked up behind a mini game that requires jumping a small pumpkin through various obstacles in order to reach a set score. Once the player completes the mini game, they can then access the hint for the current scene. Don’t get too excited, however, if you think you can just mini-game your way through Mr. Pumpkin Adventure. The hints do not give the complete solution, and in later areas where the puzzles are more complicated and span multiple scenes the hint will only be for the existing scene, which still leaves a lot of leg work up to the player.

    The absence of a touch screen capability on console also meant that Mr. Pumpkin Adventure had to be modified to work with a controller. The developers actually did a really good job with this swap up. The added on screen cursor doesn’t feel out of place in the scenes, and also moves smoothly with the controller. Often times games that are ported to console after having been on mobile or PC feel out of sorts on consoles because of controllers, but Mr. Pumpkin Adventure plays without any indication that it was ever any other way while in game.

    Mr. Pumpkin Adventure dares to pull out all of the stops, and in doing so succeeds at being whimsical and weird in all the right ways, and fans of logic and/or math puzzles are sure to be pleasantly surprised.

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 6.5
    Value for Money 9
    Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

    Mr. Pumpkin has amnesia and now you must help him on his adventure to uncover what is really going on. Set in a quirky, hand drawn world with 50 puzzling scenes, Mr Pumpkin Adventure is the kind of game that sets the bar really high for any future mobile to console ports.

    • Unique vintage art style
    • So many quirky easter eggs
    • Controls are smooth and effective
    • Complex puzzles can be daunting
    • Hints aren't really helpful

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