MXGP2 The Official Motocross Videogame Review

MXGP2 The Official Motocross Videogame is developed and published by Milestone S.r.l ‘Prepare to live the motocross dream! Official license, motorbikes, roster and real tracks: this is the explosive mix that will launch you into the world of MXGP! Race on 18 official tracks of the 2015 season of the MXGP championship, experience the thrill of MXoN, show your worth on the 4 spectacular indoor tracks! But there is even more…create your own team and rider and don’t forget to enhance the performance of your bike with the countless accessories from the biggest brands in motocross!’

Being more of a racing fan of the 4 wheeled variety, I wasn’t too sure how well I would get on with MXGP2. Jumping in to it coming straight off of playing the recently released DiRT Rally, I was expecting much of the same punishing gameplay. However, MXGP2 has quite a few options when it comes to the difficulty settings. As well as the A.I. difficulty, which can be set between easy, medium, hard and realistic. There’s also settings for the games physics which change how the bike reacts to the terrain etc. You can also set whether you want to have separate controls for the front and rear brakes, rider weight shifting as semi-automatic or manual and the transmission as semi-automatic or manual. This gives lots of options to the player and makes the game more welcoming to new comers such as myself.

The game was still a little tricky to get the hang of at first but after a few minutes of practise, and getting used to using the right stick to shift the riders weight, I was soon in the swing of how it all works, and after a few races even turned the physics and A.I. difficulty up to medium and got on just as fine. I found the physics were pretty sound overall and made the game a lot more interesting to play, as I was constantly adjusting the steering and throttle as the bike reacted to every lump and bump on the circuit. Occasionally falling off due to turning in too hard and burying the front wheel in to the ground, or having a coming together with an A.I. rider that would sometimes, frustratingly carry on his merry way like nothing happened, especially when it was their fault, as the A.I. didn’t really tend to recognise I was in their way and just drove through me.

There’s also an issue with frame rate loss, not on all circuits and it happened more on some circuits than others, and some circuits had no frame rate issues at all, I did notice that the frame rate loss happened less if I was in first person view, which I found quite odd and a little disappointing as it does take away from the game, especially when you crash because of it. This is the biggest downfall of MXGP2, and hopefully Milestone do address the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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If you can over look the frame rate issue though, you will find a game jam packed with content, with no less than five single player modes. MXGP, Career, Monster Energy FIM MXoN, Stadium Series and Real Events. And a total of 22 tracks (18 GP tracks 4 stadium tracks). The biggest mode, and probably the one you will spend most time playing is Career, which features full length championships that you can either join with your own custom team, or sign up with a lower ranking team, using your custom created rider. You then have sponsor and team targets to beat to keep them pleased and ultimately your place in the team. Providing you do well you will receive offers from other teams to join them and progress through your career in either MX2 or MXGP. With the ultimate goal becoming MXGP champion.

In MXGP you play as a ‘real’ rider and can take part in either a single Grand Prix, a full championship or Time Attack. The same goes for Stadium Series but only has 4 of the 22 tracks to play on, these are tracks set inside of a stadium and have a different feel as the circuits are a lot smaller resulting in much closer racing. The FIM MXoN is a one off event that has a complete different scoring system to MXGP. The Real Events are just that, and are mostly around riders that have fallen off their bikes and made comebacks.There’s nineteen of these to complete with the first two unlocked to start with, Players are tasked with recreating these events with a goal of finishing in a certain place, and are usually one or two laps long.

MXGP2 also features customisation for both your custom team and rider. With a whole host of official gear to deck your rider out with, and upgrades for your bikes including parts as well as cosmetic items, all of which you purchase with your hard earned Cr from across all game modes. I personally would have liked to have seen an editor to be able to give a personal touch to your bike and outfit. nothing as full on as, let’s say Forza. but something more middle ground and above all the preset skins and outfits available in MXGP.

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You can also jump online and mix it up in multiplayer which you can either search for and jump in, or set up a private game for you and your friends. these can be set to any of the game modes found in single player, although the rider count is reduced from 22 to just 12. There’s no option to turn off A.I riders, and these will automatically take any empty spots in the race. Meaning no messing about with just a few of you and setting up jumps and crashing in to each other. Come on you would all try that first.. be honest.

Visually MXGP2 is good, the circuits are nicely detailed even down to the rough tire track ridden surfaces. There’s lots of browns, though that is to be expected racing on dirt tracks. The level of detail of the Motocross bikes is decent, the riders too have a good level of detailing, as you can see their race suits billow and flap as the air rushes around them. Overall though, it looks a little out dated and maybe could have done with a new game engine. It features a decent soundtrack, albeit a little generic, it does fit the game well. As for the in game sounds they’re o.k. but feel like there’s room for improvement as the bikes pretty much all sound the same.

A download code was provided for this review
Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8
Audio 7
Replay Value 8.5
Value for Money 8

Summary: MXGP2 is a decent game that, with a few tweaks could be made fantastic. It would be great to see more in the way of customisation (livery editor etc.) and better audio, not forgetting a fix for the frame rate issue. A more up to date game engine would have made some of the decent visuals even better. Although there's enough content and levels of difficulty to keep newcomers and MX fans coming back for more. If you're looking for a racing title that's a little different to the 'norm' you should give MXGP2 a look.

  • Lots of content
  • Great physics
  • First person view
  • Frame rate issue
  • visuals are good but could be better
  • audio seems generic across the board

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