Neon Chrome Review

‘Neon Chrome is a ruthless top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements. The game takes place inside an arcology – a massive sci-fi mega structure. Blast your way through walls with guns and cybernetic abilities and try alternate approaches with different roles like the Assassin, Corporate Soldier or the Cyber Psycho. Upgrade your character stats, discover new cybernetic enhancements and build up strength to finally face the Overseer. Every death is a new beginning – the path to defeating the Overseer is never the same.’

  • Dev: 10tons Ltd
  • Pub: 10tons Ltd
  • Release Date: 8/6/16
  • PEGI Rating: 16
  • Players: 1-4 Local co-op
  • Download size: 366.62 MB
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Price: £11.99
  • Neon Chrome’s core gameplay is just like that of a typical top-down shooter but it has a couple of unique RPG-like elements to it such as being able to level up character stats, weapons and get new abilities which your character can equip as you progress through each level. There is a decent variety of weapons and abilities for players to choose from as well which opens options for multiple play styles. Each character is also different every time you die, each with their own individual stat bonuses and abilities which gives players even more options for their play style.

    As well as having a variety of ways to play the game there is always a different way you will play for every level since none of them are set to specific routes for you to follow so you get a random experience each time. This adds a lot of replayability to the game when combined with the customisation and multiple ways of playing through the game. There is also a speedrun element to levels with the time it’s taken you being shown for each level although this doesn’t really make sense in a game where the level you get is random.

    neon chrome 1

    There are only two modes in Neon Chrome. Single Player and Co-Op. Both are rather self explanatory but one thing that should be noted is that Co-Op is only local and there is no online matchmaking. Even then the Single Player is good enough on its own. Neon Chrome is also a challenging shooter, while the enemy design is rather simple the random environments can throw you off and the lack of healing for your character means you have to be careful with each fight and taking damage is punishing which can be both good and bad at times.

    Visuals and the soundtrack for the game are very sci-fi and cybernetic-like. Both work really well together in the game, especially when it comes to the overall look and feel to the game. While the soundtrack can get repetitive after extended play the visuals are still nice to look at and with levels being randomly generated you can get various visual effects such as darkened levels where the power is out.

    neon chrome 2

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    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value for Money 8
    Neon Chrome

    Summary: Neon Chrome is a top down shooter that mixes in RPG elements really well. It keeps things fresh with plenty of options for players and challenging gameplay combined with a sci-fi visual style which is nice to look at but kind of lacks when it comes to the soundtrack. Co-Op and Single Player being the only modes and Co-Op being local only means that players will most likely find themselves on Single Player all the time but the game still has plenty to offer either way you play.

    • Plenty of play style options
    • Different experience every time
    • Nice visual style
    • Local only Co-Op
    • Soundtrack gets repetitive

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