Oh My Godheads Review

  • Dev: Titutech
  • Pub: Square Enix Collective
  • Released: 05/12/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 7/T
  • Players: 1-4 local
  • Size: 3 GB
  • Price: £11.99/$14.99/€14.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Developed by Titutitech and published as part of the Square Enix Collective, Oh My Godheads is a frantic arena style game that is best played in the same room with three of your best buddies.  There is no single player experience or online multiplayer options available in Oh My Godheads, however. So those who find themselves entirely without localized companionship will find Oh My Godheads a little difficult to fully enjoy. The game does have the option of throwing in AI bots, as well as setting the difficulty for them. Doing so, however, just doesn’t have quite the same allure as playing with others.

    Loading up Oh My Godheads immediately throws players into the main menu where they can set up a match to their liking.  There are five game modes available to choose from, and four of them can be further modified by adjusting variables such as max score, round length, and/or number of rounds to be played. The fifth game mode that can not be modified is a trials mode, where players attempt to complete an objective – such as deflecting the explosive pies that can be thrown by enemies or obtaining a certain amount of kills – within a time limit. These trials can be attempted repeatedly as players compete for a position on the leader boards with their best times. This is the closest to a single player mode as Oh My Godheads has to offer, and truthfully it is best served as a tutorial mode to practice and learn valuable techniques to use in actual versus matches.

    The remaining game modes, such as Capture the Head, King of the Head, and Last Man Standing, are objective based. Players choose from one of the colorful low poly characters such as a skeleton or a penguin wearing a top hat and then they choose their team make up.  Capture the Head can be played with any team make up the players choose, such as 2 v. 2 or even 1 v. 3, using a combination of human players and AI bots. Capture the Head plays very similarly to any other Capture the Flag type game, as one might suspect.

    But in exchange for a flag, players must score by carrying the oversized head of a god figure to their team’s respective altar. Each godhead is wrapped in rich lore and offers its own abilities and difficulties to a match. Some, for example, decide they don’t like being carried after a while and will reverse the player’s controls. Others are excessively heavy, while another will strike nearby players with lightening at regular intervals. Players can choose which godhead they want to play with before starting the match, or for those that aren’t as picky you can press “Y” so the game chooses for you at random.

    Oh My Godheads uses a combination of cartoonish, low poly art styles to create a plethora of brightly colored and wonderfully creative worlds for its fast paced, action packed battles to take place. The different arenas come in a variety of sizes and shapes with environments that range from the jungle to the ancient pyramids and back to the icy tundra. When coupled with the varied abilities and setbacks possible from  the godheads, the arenas become living battlegrounds that have an impressive number of possibilities. And yet, despite this, Oh My Godheads’ luster begins to rub off quite quickly. The low poly art style coupled with the overhead view means that on larger maps it can be difficult to keep up with which character you’re even in control of. On other maps you may find yourself falling off into the abyss before you can even figure out where you’re standing.

    Once you manage to keep up with your own character, you may notice that the bots themselves leave a little something to be desired. They will often run off of the maps and fall to their own demises, or get the godhead as close to their altar as possible before turning tail and running off in the other direction for seemingly no reason at all. Without a group of human players to keep things interesting, Oh My Godheads unfortunately falls flat. But if you can assemble a group of friends and avoid playing with bots, then it is a creative and welcome take on competitive couch coop.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 7.4
    Graphics 7.7
    Audio 8.5
    Replay Value 6.7
    Value for Money 5.3
    Oh My Godheads

    Oh My Godheads is a strong title that's sure to entice couch coop fans. The absence of a single player experience and lack of online play coupled with completely incompetent AI does limit the game, unfortunately.

    • Intricate lore behind the godheads
    • Wide variety of maps and environments
    • Custom gameplay options
    • Artificial intelligence is not very intelligent
    • No single player or online coop available

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