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‘Organic Panic – is a physics based action puzzle platformer. Combining fully interactive dynamic fluids and completely destructible levels, Every object and surface has real world properties, break, melt, burn, conduct, douse, float, it all works together and makes for some unique puzzle challenges.’

Brought to you by Last Limb, Organic Panic is a fun and challenging puzzler that can be played by anyone. There are 3 different game modes to play: You have your single player story challenges where you help the fruits and veg’ overthrow the Meats and Cheese Empire and two local multiplayer modes, co-op and versus where you and some friends can work with or against each other. Each mode offers it’s own experience but the majority of players will find themselves on the single player since couch co-op isn’t too common.

The singe player story follows the fruit and veg’ through comic books which progress as you complete each section of the game. As you progress the levels get harder and each section has its own environment and look for the levels within it. Four fruit and veg’ are at your disposal; these are the Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut. Each of them have their own abilities and attacks that help them solve puzzles and progress. If I had to compare the game to something with the gameplay it would have to be like Worms. However, Organic Panic focuses on the puzzle element a lot more compared to destroying the enemy.

Each level in the story rewards you with a star after completion depending on the points you have earned. These are Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can earn a Bronze just for beating the level and the other two can be earned for beating all enemies on the map and finding the hidden crystal on each level. These add a bit of re-playability to the levels but after you’ve done them Gold you’ll already know the levels inside out and will only have speedrunning to make you come back. The good thing about the levels though is they are still fairly challenging for a game aimed at every kind of audience. They have that ‘hidden in plain sight’ kind of puzzle gameplay and usually multiple ways of beating the level as a bit of variety if you know the character abilities well enough.


Besides lacking for reasons to pull you back the single player is still fun to play through and offers a decent challenge but can still be played with the family, a simple but satisfying experience. As for multiplayer it is something you would occasionally hop on again as a family thing more than anything but as mentioned before; since couch co-op isn’t too common anymore people don’t really buy more than one controller usually and it wouldn’t be something the majority of players go on but it is still quite fun. It would have been nice to have seen a sort of Meats and Cheese vs Fruit and Veg’ multiplayer if the game had online capabilities. Sadly, due to this single player is the main experience.

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Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Audio 8
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 7.5
Organic Panic

Summary: Organic Panic offers a simple, fun and even occasionally challenging experience for everyone with its rather strange yet funny choice of characters, story and gameplay. It has a single player which is good, it offers variety in environment, enemies etc. and gives you a different challenge each time. No two puzzles have the same solution but you have multiple paths. The multiplayer however is local only as mentioned before and therefore won't really have too many players going on, it is still fun and all but you need some extra controllers to get on it. Besides that though the game is a solid experience and offers something a bit different.

  • Fun gameplay
  • Plenty of variety
  • Multiple solutions to puzzles
  • Family friendly
  • Local only multiplayer
  • Only enough content for 1-2 playthroughs

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