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Paranautical Activity is developed by Code Avarice and published by Digerati. ‘Paranautical Activity combines the classic FPS action of games like Doom and Quake, with the randomness and difficulty of modern roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky.’

Paranautical Activity took a while to get into but after a couple attempts at beating the game I started to get addicted and telling myself ‘one more try’ constantly. Players get three modes to play in the game: Classic, Hardcore and Infinite. Starting out you will only have access to Classic and will have to unlock Hardcore and Infinite mode as you play. After choosing the gamemode you want to play you get a choice of multiple characters to use as you fight your way through each of the 8 levels (in Classic). There are more characters that can be unlocked by performing different actions in-game and each character has individual stats and starting weapons so you can pick one for your play style.

The objective is simple; fight your way through multiple rooms in a floor to get to the boss and progress to the next floor which will have increased in difficulty. Rinse and repeat until the game is beaten. With a level layout like Binding of Isaac and combat like Doom, Paranautical Activity works surprisingly well. The visuals aren’t the best and the soundtrack won’t be to everybody’s taste but the gameplay is solid.

As you go through each floor it will have a different layout and environment but the enemies and locations of rooms will change. The more floors you beat, the more enemies appear and you will have to do exploring to find the rooms that contain bosses and shops for items which you can spend all that cash you earn killing enemies for. Bare in mind also; the more achievements you earn the more items and bosses/characters you will get in the game so choosing one to go for each run is a nice strategy to get yourself a chance at more buffs for your character. It is also nice to see in-game rewards for achievements.


While the gameplay is fine it isn’t without issues. One of the main things I found was that the AI is easy to maipulate if you know it well. Although that is the point pretty much it feels too easy to get enemies trapped in areas, especially when you get mobility upgrades. Another issue I personally had was the dark rooms are literally pitch-black. Now I’m glad that a dark level is actually dark but combined with no brightness option it was near impossible for me to navigate around and even with many health and armour upgrades I found myself dying near instantly. Besides these minor things though the game is fun and works well.

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Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 7
Audio 7
Replay Value 7.5
Value for Money 7.5
Paranautical Activity

Summary: Paranautical Activity is a fun mash-up of fast paced arena FPS games like Doom and the roguelike elements of Binding of Isaac which make for some fun, addicting gameplay. Rewarding players for each boss they beat and every achievement they earn adds a sense of accomplishment for each time you unlock something and upgrade your character. Boss, enemy and level variety also gives you a new challenge each run. Despite a few minor hiccups the game is still well done and despite the visuals not being the best, it still works and uses a fast paced soundtrack to give the feel of the Doom-like FPS experience. A nice little game indeed.

  • Very rewarding
  • A lot of variety
  • Very different style of FPS
  • Easily exploitable AI
  • No brightness option (Dark levels too dark)

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