PDP Gears of War 4 Lancer Replica Review

The PDP Gears of War 4 Replica Lancer is 1:1 scale “accurately modelled from in-game design files.” Featuring hand finished paint, adjustable sight, levers, safety switches, and illuminated LED lights. Check out our review below to see if you should add this collectors piece to your games room…

  • Size: 41.71″(L)13″(H)5.1″(W)
  • 106cm(L)33cm(H)13.1cm(W)
  • Batteries: 3xAAA 4xC
  • Weight: 10.5 LBS 4.8 kg
  • Tools: Phillips Screwdriver
  • Price: $149.99
  • The most iconic weapon in Gears of War is arguably the Lancer rifle, having seen this specific replica announced to coincide with the release of Gears of War 4 I just had to check it out. Here we are around 6 months later, and a huge parcel arrived from the folks over at Performance Design Products (PDP). The lancer is 1:1 scale said to be modelled from in-game files, without giving out spoilers, this particular replica is modelled on a specific lancer that players are given during the campaign of Gears of War 4.

    The Lancer is not really meant to be a toy, it’s more of a collectors piece to be put on display, and the box does state that it is for people of ages 18+, and that the product is not intended for use by children unless supervised by an adult. Being honest though, I don’t think I could let a child swing a full sized lancer replica around not only for obvious reasons, but at a hefty $150 I would be scared of it being broken!

    Built from plastic the lancer features a few moving parts, including triggers, chainsaw handle, clip and crosshairs, although the chainsaw itself doesn’t actually move, which is probably more to do with safety than anything else. There’s also a fully operational torch included which can be clipped to the side of the lancer, and requires 3xAAA batteries. The Lancer also features some lighting just like in the game for which you’ll need 4xC batteries and a “phillips” or “posi” screwdriver to remove the side panel of the lancer and battery compartment to fit them. these lights can be turned off using the safety switch located on the left side of the lancer. All of which I show of in the unboxing video above.

    On to the detail, and if it wasn’t for the obligatory “this is not a real gun” orange cap on the end, you’d think it was! Every screw and nut look as though you could remove them although they’re just moulded in the plastic, the hand finished paint job is also superb, giving it a battle-scarred look, right down the the blood splattering on the chainsaw makes it look like it’s recently been used. The size of the lancer has to be seen to be believed, at over a meter long (full specs above) it is huge, and may cause issues of where to display it for some. I highly recommend a shelf that’s securely fitted to a wall to show it off in all it’s glory.

    Ultimately a collectors piece to put on display or even use if cosplay is your thing, just be warned that it is bulky weighing in at 10.5 LBS/4,8 kg the Gears of war 4 1:1 scale Lancer Replica is a must for any hardcore Gears fan, as long as you have the room for it, it would be the focus of any games room, man cave etc.

    This product was supplied by PDP for the purpose of this review

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