Planet RIX-13 Review

Dev: 9 Eyes Game Studio
Pub: Sometimes You
Released: 16/01/19
PEGI/ESRB: 12/E10+
Players: 1
Size: 304.14 MB
Price: £4.19/$4.99/€4.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Planet RIX-13 is a 2D sci-fi adventure developed by Nine Eyes Game Studio and published to the xbox one by Sometimes You. Like most titles from this publisher, Planet RIX-13 has a relatively short run time, clocking in at around the 30 minute mark depending on how long the player struggles with the puzzles. While such a short run time would be questionable in most titles, the low price point for Planet RIX-13 does make the shorter completion time an easier pill to swallow.

There’s no time wasted on exposition or story telling, with 9 Eyes Game Studio choosing instead to throw their players into the thick of an unusual but deadly planet. The nameless protagonist never speaks a word, unless the player directs him into a dangerous cloud of gas or radiation where he’ll start to choke and sputter to death.

As you explore the mysterious planet you’ve crash landed upon, you’ll begin to discover that you were not the first to be here. There’s plenty of intriguing abandoned bases and research laboratories to poke around in, though it doesn’t take much effort to explore these tiny buildings. Most anything of value glows with a neon green outline that makes it nearly impossible to miss. Additionally, most of the rooms are small enough to fit neatly within one screen.

This lack of depth in the various locations is pretty indicative of your entire experience with Planet RIX-13. The game features a heavily stylized pixel art style that is admittedly well done with an obvious attention to detail. That’s the extent of effort that Planet RIX-13 puts forward, however, as there is no music soundtrack or dialogue. The game’s audio is limited mostly to the aforementioned coughing and choking sounds that occur when the protagonist is near radiation. While there is a story tucked away behind the radiation clouds, Planet RIX-13 does very little to make sure you can keep up with it. The necessary details to flesh out the store are tucked away inside occasional computer documents or notes taped to the wall that can be surprisingly easy to gloss over.

Planet RIX-13 does have a story about the life forms that inhabited the planet before you crash landed, but the details can be easily glossed over.

For its price, Planet RIX-13 offers a quick and easy completion on your gamertag, but a mediocre experience over all. The game play is limited with a lot of unnecessarily back and forth such as when the game forces you to make it all the way to an exterior location, like outside of a research laboratory, before you can travel to any other location. As much as a hassle as this feels in the moment, the game is thankfully very quick at loading from one area to the next. The game’s lack of a soundtrack could almost be forgivable if only there were other ambient noises to fill in the dead air. Planet RIX-13’s biggest benefit is that the game runs smoothly, meaning that your time with it will be short and sweet as you most likely won’t encounter any bugs or freezes during the 25-30 minute window you’ll be spending with the game.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 3.1
Graphics 6
Audio 1.8
Replay Value 0
Value for Money 4
Planet RIX-13

Planet RIX-13 is a decidedly short, simple game that never makes any brave or daring attempts to be anything more than what it is. While it does feature a decent pixel art style and a low price tag for a quick completion, the game itself is little more than a mediocre sci fi story about a generic protagonist crash landing on a radiated planet. There's no reason to go back to the game once you've gone through it the first time, even though the game's plot may leave you wanting for more details.

  • Low price point
  • Short story that doesn't overstay its welcome
  • Mediocre attempt at sci fi
  • No replay value at all
  • No soundtrack, very few sound effects
  • Limited exploration and gameplay

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