Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

I Wrote this review in January of 2015 whilst it was on sale, I’m keeping everything the same but bare in mind it is now £34.99 rather than £8.75

Before I start this review it’s probably best i point out that this is available in the EA Sale which is running from the 27th of January to the 3rd of February with 75 percent off the original price of £34.99 to make it £8.75!

I’ve played the plants vs zombies franchise across a few platforms and always enjoyed them as a pick up and play game when I’ve been bored, they have been really helpful during the boring times of needing a filler game (something to fill your time until the next big release comes out) and this game is a few steps above that!

First off is the Garden Ops which is a 2 – 4 player Co-op tower defence mode, you spawn on a map of your choice and select which area you would like to plant your garden (usually 3 or 4 different areas to choose from map) in this game mode you defend your garden by any means necessary you’re given plant pots around the map to plant extra plants as well as running around as one yourself shooting the enemy zombies and performing unique special abilities depending on the character you have chosen, 10 rounds defending your garden and one round defending a landing zone area where you can get picked up from to complete it, my first few games of this I was awarded quite a lot of coins which helps to buy sticker packs which can unlock consumables (plants to pot) and characters etc.

I mainly bought the game for this option as it’s good fun with a few friends and as the game looks cartoony it doesn’t have to be taken as serious as a gears of war horde or playing competitively on call of duty, a lot of people have said this is a child’s game but after playing it for near on 2 days I’ve came to realise it has most of the game modes offered on a game like call of duty just with a cartoon like look to it, playing is a lot more fun and relaxed than call of duty and that’s why I think this game is great for such a low price in the sale at the moment!

As stated above the multi-player has modes just like battlefield or call of duty in which you can play with up to 24 people at once so by no means is this a small multi-player experience, the game modes are:

  • Welcome Mat

Welcome mat is for beginners to the game, characters are not customisable and the more you die the higher your health goes.

  • Team Vanquish

This is a team death match styled game mode which also allows you to use all customisable characters and accessories (first team to 50 kills wins)

  • Gardens and Graveyards

In this mode you fight to destroy the garden and or graveyard by sitting in said area for as long as possible, once one has been taken down it will move to a fresh one at the other side of the map, whoever holds their post the longest or defeats them the quickest wins!

  • Classic Team Vanquish

Just like a team deathmatch but without any customisable accessories or characters

  • Classic Gardens and Graveyards

This is the same as gardens and graveyards although you cannot use customised characters and accessories

  • Mixed Mode

A mix of all game types

  • Gnome Bomb

Fight for control over the gnome bomb to defeat the opposing team!

  • Vanquish Confirmed

Just like kill confirmed in other games, you kill a player and confirm the death by retrieving token that has been dropped

  • Suburbination

Capture 3 gardens around the map, holding a garden gives you points! Think domination

  • Taco Bandits

Think capture the flag but with a taco, the zombies steal it and then the plants have to steal it back and return it to crazy Dave’s taco stand

The only thing i would change about this game is get some kind of co-op campaign or single player campaign, it was released as a multi-player game and that reflects in its price with games usually being £50+ and this before the sale being £34.99 i see it as a bargain even before the 75% off sale!

You can buy coins with your own money but the prices aren’t too bad, the most expensive coin package you can buy is £7.99 and that’s for 200,000 coins, with the sticker packs ranging from 1000 to 40,000 coins that’s not a bad deal! BUT after playing the game for a few days I’ve been able to buy numerous sticker packs and was even given 7 free when i started the game then extras along the way as I progressed, it’s very easy to gain coins from playing so this game isn’t one of those “Pay to win” games

Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 5
Audio 4
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 8
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Overall I'm very surprised at how good this game is, and would advise anyone to check it out!

  • Addictive
  • A refreshing break from serious gaming
  • Takes a while to get into an online game

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