Prif Playsonic 2 Wired Stereo Headset Review

The Playsonic 2 wired stereo headset is brought to you by Prif it’s a mid level headset from their range but with a price of £21.74 on amazon it’s more like an entry level headset. After a few weeks of using the Prif Playsonic 2, I can say that this is a really well made, great value for money product!

Firstly I would like to talk about the audio quality, if you’re using the older Xbox One controller, you will have to use the Xbox One adapter (or an adapter of your choice), but otherwise you can plug it straight into your controller. When I was in party chat, Russ, who I was speaking to, said I was coming through clear on his end, and he was coming through crystal clear on my end. I know that I have had a few cheaper headsets and they can be totally rubbish, very “you get what you pay for” with a lot of echoing and just general bad quality audio, but with the Playsonic 2, you certainly are getting your monies worth and more. I also tested this mic when I wasn’t in party chat, and used it to watch a few You Tube videos, now I am no sound engineer, but the sound quality you receive from such a cheap headset is superb, it didn’t have too much bass or treble as you sometimes find in entry level headsets, i wasn’t expecting something to knock me off my feet as you can imagine but what i received to what i was expecting was surprisingly impressive. The only thing I can say about the audio quality, is that the mic has to be very close to your mouth to be picked up nice and loud, if it’s not it was pointed out that I was quieter than usual, but like I say, all you need to do is adjust the mic position.


The build quality of this headset, although is made out of plastic, looks to be pretty sturdy, You have a nice sturdy mic, which can be adjusted with ease, and you can move it anywhere you like, whichever is most comfortable for you, which as I said in my preview of this product, I have had issues with in the past using other products, so personally this is a feature I really like. For a lower end headset, I have to say the Playsonic 2 was very comfortable to wear, with soft, padded ear cups, I found myself able to play for hours at a time without any discomfort. The headset itself is also adjustable so you can position this to the size of your head. The outer area of the ear cups and headband are covered in a soft matt rubberized texture which not only looks good but is a nice smooth surface when holding, if you like to keep your accessories clean (we all know you can get sweaty hands when playing for long periods of time) then this feature is easy to wipe down with a slightly damp cloth which will restore it to pretty much brand new.


Prif supplied the headset for the purpose of this review
Audio 8
Build quality 8.5
Comfort 8
Value for money 9.5
Prif Playsonic 2

Summary: For anyone looking for a lower budget headset, I would recommend the Playsonic 2 by Prif. Although this product doesn’t compete with the higher end headsets the simple black and red colour scheme with a variety of textures makes it visually impressive and for the bargain price of £21.74 is a steal.

  • Great value for money
  • Matt rubberized finish
  • Decent audio quality
  • Adjustable Mic
  • Stereo jacks are not gold plated

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