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Prison Architect is a game made by Introversion Software and published by Double Eleven this game has been on the pc for quite some time and has now made its way to the console market. You are the prison architect and it is your job to build and maintain a prison. You can build as large or small as you wish and it is run is up to you.How it is run and how your inmates behave can be carried out in a number of ways from down right harsh to the constant pampering of their needs.There is a vast array of different things to manage as you build and your prison grows not only will you have guards and inmates but you will need cooks, doctors and a number of other support personnel.

  • Dev: Introversion Software/ Double 11 Ltd
  • Pub: Double 11 Ltd
  • Release Date: 1/7/16
  • PEGI Rating: 16
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 347.83
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Price: £19.99
  • Upon starting the game there are 5 story / tutorial missions these give you scenarios in which you have to deal with certain problems while teaching you certain aspects of the game once these are complete you are ready and equipped to build your own prison.First of all you need select a difficulty and pick a warden there are several different options here each giving different perks difficulty option changers the money you get per prisoner and applies the fog of war for higher levels.

    You are given basic targets to follow so you need to hire some builders and build certain things to be classed as a prison. At is most basic you need somewhere to house your inmates, a place for them to eat and exercise shower room and walls to keep them contained. Once this is all in place you need to connect everything to power and water, once this is done you are ready to welcome your first guests.
    Now you need to hire some guards these can be placed throughout your prison and also given patrol routes to follow at higher levels, this is essential to keep the fog of war at bay. Once deeper into the game you will also have to employ different guards to do different things to keep your inmates on the straight and narrow. Research can be carried out to give your guards better equipment and improve their behavior. Prison policy can be changed this sets how guards deal with any wrong doing.

    prison architect 1

    Your prisoners have needs and keeping them happy avoids all manor of nastiness, how you deal with this can be done in a number of ways and you have plenty of options. Hiring cooks and building a kitchen and dining room fills one basic need, an exercise yard can be anything from a piece of grass to somewhere the inmates can pump some iron or make calls to the outside. Work programs can be set up to rehabilitate and stop your inmates from re-offending and cleaners and gardeners can be hired to make sure your prison stays clean an tidy these are just some of the ways that the prisoners can be affected.

    A majority of the income you make is through the intake and incarceration of prisoners but as your prison grows you will have to find other ways to make money to keep your prison running smoothly. You can take out grants which pay out once certain things have been built or requirements met, set up work parties to make items to sell, train inmates to cook the food so you dont have to hire as many cooks as well as carry out other jobs therefor reducing your outlay.

    prison architect 2

    What first starts out as a very simple game soon becomes very intricate, once your basic prison is in place and you carry out your first research you can then employ certain characters that open up new research options for example once you have employed a chief of security you can further research guard based improvements. Research also opens the way for micromanagement of your prison telling guards how to deal with the various misdemeanors, how prisoners spend their days and what type of meals the prisoners get to eat and how often.

    You are given basic instructions at the beginning of the game telling you what needs to be carried out to start off once you receive your first inmates the game opens up. The instructions you are given can be followed loosely you can take grants that give you money as long as you fill certain requirements, as you complete the requirements of these grants your prison will grow allowing you to take on more challenges.

    prison architect 3

    A download code was provided for this review
    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 6.5
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value for Money 8.5
    Prison Architect Xbox One Edition

    Summary: Building a prison can be daunting at first the controls can be cumbersome at times. There are so many things you have to deal with from hiring guards and the many other support staff, building the rooms and supplying them with electrical and plumbing needs, but this game has been a joy to play you will quickly see that although the graphics and sound are a little basic they add to the charm of this game. The story / tutorial drags on a little but it serves its purpose, there are some little bugs which allow inmates and workers to get stuck in walls and doors but that aside this is a complex and rewarding sim that will keep you coming back for more.

    • Complex building sim
    • Vast selection of things to do
    • Addictive
    • There are some bugs where things get stuck in walls
    • Story Requirements not always clear

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