Race Arcade Review

  • Dev: Iceflake Studios
  • Pub: Iceflake Studios
  • Release Date: 04/08/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1-6 Local
  • Size: 522.3 MB
  • Category: Racing
  • Price: £7.99/$9.99/€9.99
  • Race Arcade is a top down racing game with heavy influence from the retro classics, it may not quench the thirst from the classics of the past but it does have that nostalgic feel.

    The campaign is set up per vehicle you can play as: Rallycar, Formula, Motorbike, Sports Car, Tractor or UFO, you’ll start off with the Rally Car and will complete in 5 Races on easy to win the Motor Alphabets Cup which then moves on to the Student Of Engines cup (10 races) on a medium difficulty and lastly Master Of Races cup (15 races) with each difficulty level comes a different cash reward, for instance on easy you’ll win £100,00 for coming 1st, £70,000 for coming second and £50,000 for coming third, with your winnings you can purchase another vehicle and move on to the next set of races, each race per cup is a different track which gives an overall amount of about 100 unique tracks, you get to pick the colour of your vehicle before starting said career path but sadly that’s about it for customisation on this retro classic themed racing game.

    The game plays as you would expect it, like a retro top down racing game, each vehicle handles differently for instance the sports car will throw it’s rear end out and drift at any possible chance whereas the motorbike accelerates faster than anything else and can whip around corners with ease, this all adds to the difficulty increment when working your way through the championship cups, I found the Sports Car to be the most difficult to manage and the Formula wasn’t too easy either! But the Motorbike which sits in between these two vehicles when purchasing was a breeze, I guess it will come down to your preferred play style but for me it was too drastic of a change and didn’t compliment the game, if anything it just made it feel more of a grind.

    Each vehicle handles differently

    Along with the championship cups you also have a single race option which lets you select any track and race multiple vehicle types at once, this was a tricky one at times as I always found the motorbike AI to be in first position! Along with that you also have Time Trial, this was a personal favourite, complete a lap and race your ghost, with every lap you have a new ghost to face, this can help you iron out any mistakes and go into corners at different angles etc to get the best overall time which can only help with the main campaign!. I did expect Race Arcade to be a case of press for accelerator and that’s that but you will have to use your brakes for certain corners depending on the vehicle you’re using, a level of skill is definitely required, this isn’t an easy game by any means!

    You can also play a local couch co-op mode with up to 6 of your friends, this can make or break friendships as the smallest tap to the rear of a vehicle can knock yourself or your opponent off course, I would have liked an online multiplayer to see how Race Arcade stood with online matchmaking but sadly it is local only.

    Play with up to 6 friends in local split-screen

    Opposed to the title screen the rest of the artwork wouldn’t look out of place on an original Xbox or PS2, this is to be expected with it being heavily influenced from the retro top down racers, along with the retro themed artwork you also have the annoying retro arcade music playing on repeat over and over! Sadly I found this extremely annoying and had the music muted whilst playing, on top of that I did notice the audio levels being extremely loud when on the normal standard setting, even turning it down to the lowest option was still quite loud! Sadly none of this appealed to me at all.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 5.5
    Graphics 5
    Audio 4
    Replay Value 4.5
    Value For Money 5.5
    Race Arcade

    Race Arcade gave me high hopes with its Retro theme, sadly it does not cut the mustard of the classics I remember and love, it does have a nostalgic feel but it didn’t bring as much to the table as it probably should have on this generation console. With that being said I did really enjoy the time trial mode and the Motorbike was possibly the best vehicle in the game giving the most fun I've had whilst playing it, If the annoying audio doesn’t bother you, and you enjoy top down racers then I'd advise you to give it a once over!

    • Nostalgic Feel
    • Annoying Audio
    • Doesn't bring enough to the table
    • Difficulty levels between vehicles is confusing

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