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The Razer Kraken is a wired stereo gaming headset, that has some pretty neat design features. One of which is a game changer for me. There’s a few different variants of the Kraken, the one I was sent to review is classed as the 3rd generation, for console gaming. It features 50mm custom-tuned drivers, full aluminum adjustable headband and cooling gel infused ear cushions.

The cooling gel ear cushions are what I described above as “a game changer” If you’ve read any of my other headset reviews you’ll know I can’t stand leather/leatherette covered ear cushions. They make your head hot and your ears sweat, making me always lean towards headsets that are cloth covered.

The Krakens do have some leatherette on the ear cushion, around the outside, while the inside is is covered in what I can only describe as a silk-like material, allowing much more air circulation. Coupled with the cooling gel they’re a joy to wear. I was very sceptical when I first saw this feature, but as soon as you put them on, they’re noticably cool, which will fade as your ears start to warm them up, but they do a great job at managing the temprature even over long periods of play time.

I really like the range of audio, everything is very clear and well balanced, with no distortion crackling or fuzzing. I thought the bass was a little low for 50mm drivers, even using a headset adapter with bass boost, they seemed a little low, though this is more of a preference thing. The microphone while being very clear and doing a great job of eliminating background noise, does sound a bit ‘tinny’ (mic test in video above at 2:47)

The Krakens are straight up stereo, with no 5.1/7.1 surround options, though on Xbox One you can enable Windows Sonic which creates virtual spatial sound. You can connect the Krakens to any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack, giving you plenty of devices that you can use them with, they also come supplied with a splitter cable (2 metres) for use with PCs that require separate inputs for mic and headset.

The headset cable length is 1.3 metres, and is braided featuring inline controls for volume and mic mute. I found the volume control to be a little sensitive as a slight rub on your clothing can turn the wheel, increasing or decreasing the volume, though this is just a small inconvenience.

The build quality is outstanding, from the aluminum headband, the aforementioned cooling gel ear cushions and even little details you can’t see such as the hidden indentation in the ear cushions for those that wear glasses. The retractable mic is a nice touch too, with competitor headsets normally opting for the removable option. It all comes together to make a reserved yet stylish looking headset, with lots going on inside. They’re quite light too for their size at 280g / 0.62lbs. You can have the Kraken in a more outlandish shell as there are colour options, including Green, and Quartz (pink) aside the plain black, and black with blue hints console version.

product was supplied for the purpose of this review

Audio 9.5
Build quality 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 9.3
Razer Kraken

The Razer Kraken is without a doubt the most comfortable headset I've used to date. The cooling gel is a game changer when it comes to long sessions wearing a headset. The audio quality is well balanced though lacks a little bit of kick in the bass department, overall the build quality is outstanding, and should be taken into consideration when looking at the price, as at £79.99 for a wired stereo headset it is quite pricey, though you do get a cracking all-round headset that can be used on any device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Outstanding build quality
  • Cooling Gel ear cushions
  • Well balanced audio
  • Mic is great at eliminating background noise
  • Mic sounds a little 'tinny'

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