Razer Turret for Xbox One Review

The Razer Turret is a product of a partnership between Microsoft and Razer, it is a keyboard and mouse that can also function as a wireless lapboard. The retail price is £249.99

It offers the Razer Chroma which gives you full customisation through the app that is available on the xbox store. It also has xbox dynamic lighting which makes the lights on your Razer Turret sync with the game you are playing. On the keyboard there is a dedicated home button allowing instant access to the dashboard, you can navigate through the dashboard using the arrow keys, enter and escape button.

It can be wireless which is amazing for those who game in a living room, as it is a lapboard it has its own inbuilt mousepad with a magnet that allows the mouse to stick to it so it doesn’t just fall or move around while the keyboard is placed on your lap. The mouse mat is also retractable allowing you to save space when it’s not in use. The dongle that connects to the Razer Turret includes both the keyboard and mouse meaning you’ll only need to use up one usb slot at a time while playing with the Turret. The keyboard on the Turret is mechanical, it is incredibly reactive and is optimised extremely well for the games they have already confirmed and released the use for the Turret for.

I tested the Turrets use on games unannounced to have compatibility with the Turret, the game that I noticed to have the most compatibility but not full optimisation yet was the borderlands remaster, you could go through your inventory, move around and even interact with objects and people the only thing you couldn’t do was look around with the mouse or shoot. I was surprised to see that there was some compatibility with games yet to be announced to have keyboard and mouse compatibility, however this makes me even more excited to see how Microsoft will develop the future of console gaming. As much as I love using a controller the feeling of using a extremely responsive mouse and keyboard which you have full customisation over is much more satisfying to play with.

The official titles that I played the most of while testing the Razer Turret was Minecraft and Fortnite. Minecraft started on PC and to finally have the same feeling while playing on console is amazing, it feels much less clunky and slow with the ability to change the DPI of the mouse instantly with the two buttons behind the scroll wheel and finally being able to type in commands, write on signs and even search for crafting recipes without having to slowly type using the dpad on the controller not only saves time but frustration. You are now able to quickly manage your inventory and chests everything is just much more time efficient using the Turret. I feel like even if the Turret was only the keyboard it would still be worth buying just to save time typing on xbox.

As for Fortnight as it is a FPS having the ability to quickly press keys and having everything react instantly is essential, I’m throughly impressed with how little the delay is between pressing keys and it reacting in game. The mouse is a complete gift while playing FPS’s especially Fortnight where you can battle both in close quarters and far away allowing the DPI changes to maximise accuracy with snipers if you turn them down or have a much quicker turn allowing you to react faster in close quarters fights, the DPI settings in the app show it ranges from 800 to 16,000. The mouse is ergonomic and is a perfect shape for comfort and functionality, it also has two unassigned buttons on the left hand side of the mouse allowing you to assign whatever button in game to the buttons on the mouse.

Another FPS I wanted to try with the Razer was DayZ however when I went onto the game there was nothing in the options to hint towards compatibility and even while in the game non of the keys worked, I believe this might be the developers fault on DayZ’s side as we all know what they are like with updates on that game. However even with that minor disappointment this product is something I’ve waited for, for a very long time and I’m much more than just satisfied with the Razer Turret. I want to see compatibility with more games giving more people a reason to order a Turret because right now there is few games that are fully compatible with the Turret. Hopefully with time and more development I believe this could fully change the way people game on xbox switching from controller to mouse and keyboard could be the best thing to enhance the way people play games on xbox.

Because the Razer Turret can be used as wireless, you might be wondering how long the battery lasts. I wouldn’t worry about your battery but how long you can last without sleep as with my experience with the keyboard straight out the box it lasted over 35 hours easily without needing to be charged. On the official Razer website it states the battery can last over 40 hours plus when fully charged. Even if you somehow managed to completely drain the huge battery on the Razer Turret you can still use both while they are charging, a wire connects from the back of the keyboard so you can charge it from your xbox and another connects from the keyboard to the mouse neither of the cables prevent you from playing while it’s charging.

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Overall 8.5
Razer Turret for Xbox One

Overall you know you are getting quality when buying a Razer product, the quality being way more than worth the price. It’s functionality is perfect and is the most comfortable way to game on a console. The only thing that you might want to consider before buying the Razer Turret is the current compatibility list but this is expected to grow and you can check the Razer website to see all the games planned on getting compatibility.

  • Build quality
  • Battery life
  • Features
  • Currently limited to a few games
  • Might be too much to invest in with the above mentioned small list

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