Redout Light Speed Edition Xbox One X Enhanced Update Available Now

34BigThings, the award-winning development studio creator of Redout and Hyperdrive Massacre, launched a Redout: Lightspeed Edition Xbox One X Enhanced update today, bringing hundreds of changes and improvements to both Xbox One and Xbox One X owners.

Xbox One X Exclusive:
The game is now rendered in 4k and 60fps which is a ~4X increase over the standard Xbox One version. This resolution will provide superior image quality on 4k TVs and a crisper, super-sampled image on 1080p TVs.

Updated content:
– More than 300 fixes since the last update, going from title stability and bugfixes, to metagame calibration and balancing.
– Major performance update in every environment, with special regards for Abruzzo and Europa. This guarantees a more stable framerate and smoother gameplay for the entire game, especially for Xbox One owners.
– Major updates to the dynamic resolution scaler to improve framerate in all conditions.
– Easter eggs, for Christmas.

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