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‘Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems in a soothing and relaxing ambiance carried by beautiful, minimalist lowpoly 3D art style and atmospheric music.’

Awe is a very simplistic game in which the player is a god to the game’s universe. It has a puzzle-like style in which you build planets. The planets start out as nothing but land and water but as you progress solving the puzzles you unlock new things to place on the planet (trees, rocks, mountains, clouds and more). These new ‘elements’ or ‘land types’ add to the puzzles so you can add new land types until you get to the final thing which is a triangular structure you place to finish that planet and move on to the next.

The way the puzzles work is simple, you will get a row of triangles with a colour on them, you click the colours in the correct order with their land type to unlock a new one, which you can then use in the other combos to make more land types until you finish the planet. It’s a simple yet strangely fun way of going about the game…


As you progress the game does get harder. The planets become different shapes and you have to think more about where you will put the land types to effectively finish the planet and the combos for each land type will start flashing from coloured triangles to blank so you have to focus more on the land type you are clicking on. There is also an in-game currency called ‘awe’ which you need to place elements to make new land; this is earned by completing the corresponding combo at the top of the screen.

The soundtrack isn’t the greatest thing in the world. But it’s simplistic like the rest of the game. It uses very simple sci-fi, space like music on the menus and in game which just add to the feel of the game being set around planets.

While visuals in games aren’t top priority I feel like the game was too minimalist. The game could have been more visually appealing and really left you with something you felt accomplished with and wanted to look at.

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Gameplay 4
Graphics 3
Audio 4
Replay Value 3
Value for Money 9

Summary: Awe is very simple, it has a low poly' minimalist style in both the game and the soundtrack. Despite the puzzles not being challenging for what the game is supposed to be it gets the job done. It's a game purely for relaxing, nothing that wrecks the brain or requires real thought but it's still nice completing it all. At £0.79 though you can't complain.

  • Fitting soundtrack
  • Decent variety in planets
  • Very cheap
  • Game is too minimalist
  • Not very visually appealing

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