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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a sci-fi first person shooter. With 3 different game modes, Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies, and is arguably the most content filled Call of Duty to date. There is a much needed emphasis on co-op play this time around with the campaign having spots for 4 player from start to finish. Along with 3 extra game modes: Nightmare (a small section of campaign missions turned in to a zombie campaign) Dead Ops the game you could access from the terminal in black ops 2 is back and better than before! Combat Immersion, a single player horde mode with 16 levels, a scoring system which gives points to unlock guns, abilities etc

The campaign in black ops III is based on augmented super soldiers, a sci fi twist compared to most call of duty games from the past (apart from advanced warfare) i personally thoroughly enjoyed the campaign even though at times it was rather confusing on where the storyline is going, you could see from the first mission what the big twist at the end was going to be, knowing this you would think it would be a direct line to get to the end but in true gaming fashion it isn’t, i personally got a bit lost at what was happening and why it was happening, the new abilities kind of saved it for me as i was too busy chucking out fireflies and looking for head shots to worry about the story, the core call of duty fans will most probably love this but anyone new to call of duty or who loves a storyline will be wondering what the f*ck is going on.

the new abilities in the campaign are known as Cyber Cores and you have 3 different cores to choose from,

Chaos – Focuses on confusing your enemy

Control – Allows you to take control over robotic enemies

Martial – this allows you to be quick and stealthy

Each Cyber Core has 9 different abilities inside it and they can all be upgraded once using fabrication kits, you also have to use fabrication kits to unlock said abilities, these come in extremely handy when playing through the campaign with different types of enemies along the way along with your cyber cores you use fabrication kits to unlock weapons after you’ve reached a certain level specific to each weapon you can access all of these in your safe house which you can access from the campaign menu and also end up in after most missions

Overall the campaign is good with al the extras it has compared to past call of duty games i seriously enjoyed the Cyber Cores and playing it co-op! I can’t help but think i wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much playing solo.


Multiplayer in Black Ops III has players pick from nine specialist, each with their own ability and power weapon that can be used after a set time or point accumulation. It is basically a slightly different version of Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer, with a bit of Titanfall to boot.

Four of the specialists are available from the start, with the rest being unlocked at certain levels as you progress through the ranks. the first four are as follows. Ruin, who has the overdrive cybernetic core enabling temporary speed boosts, Gravity spikes weapon, which create an explosive shockwave. Outrider, has vision pulse, which reveals all enemies within a certain range, and the sparrow compound bow, with explosive arrows. Prophet, has the glitch ability that lets you rewind time a little, and the tempest weapon that fires an electric charge. And finally, Battery, who has kinetic armour ability that deflects bullets away, and the war machine grenade launcher.

There are twelve multiplayer maps to get to grips with, all vary in style from the Redwood forest of California to the rooftops of war-torn Cairo. With some Specialists maybe being preferable to some maps more than others. they all feature areas that utilise the games fluid mechanics of wall running and boost jumping to a degree. Multiplayer in Black Ops 3, as in all Call of Duty titles is where the longevity is for the majority of players.


Zombies in Black Ops 3 lives up to expectations set from Treyarch’s past experiences. At the moment there are only 2 Zombies maps that are known to us: Morg City and The Giant.

Morg City has more of a Mob Of The Dead style, set in a steam-punk 30’s environment you play as 4 new characters who have each been cursed because of murders each of them have committed. These characters are: Nero, Jessica, Jack and Floyd. Each character has their own backstory to explore and there is a huge secret which ‘completes’ the map. It is not know whether or not there is an actual ending to the map but it’s safe to assume there isn’t.

Morg City adds a bunch of new things for players to use also. There is the new beast mode which allows you to transform into a strange tentacled monster with the ability to electrically charge things and grab onto things. This mode is essential for getting anywhere in the map but there is also sure to be some secrets related to it. There is also the new perk Widow Wine which makes the grenades work like the old black hole machine that was introduced back in Black Ops 1. While there are more secret things such as weapons and perks it’s best to discover them yourself (unless you really want to know).

The Giant is a remake of World at War’s map Der Riese that was very popular with players. It has the return of all the original characters but this time there is a new storyline and the new weapons featured in Black Ops 3. This map is only available to Juggernog/Digital Deluxe Edition or Season Pass owners of Black Ops 3.

The reviewer purchased this game
Gameplay 9
Graphics 8.5
Audio 8.5
Replay Value 8.5
Value for Money 8
Call of Duty Black Ops III

Summary: Call Of Duty Black Ops III is the best Call Of Duty game to date rammed with extras and even more co-op modes it's a must for all FPS fans

  • Lots to do
  • Cyber core abilities
  • Co-op campaign
  • Zombies mode is great
  • Campaign feels a bit fruitless played alone
  • Cyber cores not used to full potential

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