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Developed and self published by 10tons, Crimsonland is a top down dual stick shooter, it has been around a while and is nice to see it appear on the Xbox One. It is true old fashioned survive or die gameplay, with various monsters to shoot from giant ants to zombies, completing each level will all come down to your reflexes, picking the right perks and picking up those all important power ups.

Crimsonland features two types of game mode, Quests and Survival. Quest mode is the best place to start as it is here you will unlock weapons, (ranging from a standard pistol to miniguns and more), and perks of which there are 55. Survival is just that. last as long as possible. there are a few survival variations. Survival, Rush, Weapon picker, Nukefism, Blitz and Gembine.

The controls are fairly simple, left stick to move, right stick to aim, either trigger to shoot and ‘A’ to reload. there is an option to change the perspective from top down to tilted but this adjustment is very minimal. I would also recommend turning on the option to gain perks while playing Quest mode as it is quite beneficial.

crimson screen

The gameplay in Crimsonland is quite fast paced, you have to think ahead of yourself at all times to avoid being killed, choosing the right perks and weapon pick ups can also aid how quickly you finish a level, and requires some thought when the perk screen pops asking you to pick one of four random perks. I found the perks that give faster fire/reload rates and more power up drops to be the best for me, but as mentioned above there are 55 that are shown at random, and it’s the luck of the draw as to which appear. This can lead to frustrating early deaths as you can become overwhelmed quite quickly if suitable weapon/perk drops do not appear.

Visually Crimsonland looks a bit dull until the screen is covered with blood, and you pick up on the small details included like bullet casings littering the floor the odd monster rib cage here and there does add to the visual pleasure whilst laying waste to the hordes. The sounds are what you would expect generic monster noises and a simple soundtrack that gets drowned out by the sound of your ever firing gun.

Multiplayer, as expected is restricted to local 4 player only, across all game modes. Although it does have online leaderboards for the survival modes. Would have been nice to see online multiplayer but you’ll have to interact with your friends in real life instead, invite them round for a few beers and make sure they bring their controllers.

The reviewer was provided with a download code for this game.
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7.5
Audio 6.5
Replay Value 8.5
Value for Money 6.5

Summary: Very enjoyable top down shooter that still looks good, whether you played it on other platforms or not it's a must buy.

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Audio
  • Price

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