Knight Squad Review

Knight Squad, developed and self published by Chainsawesome Games is a 1 to 8 player action arena game. With a host of game modes ranging from Last Man Standing to Medieval soccer. With local and online multiplayer.

There’s alot of variety in Knight Squad’s game modes. Starting with the core modes, you can either play online or local, of which there are nine to choose from and vary between free for all and team based objectives. There are a few options you can change during each game setup to tailor it a bit more to your needs. Time limit, kill count to win etc. with the game modes as follows.

Capture the grail and capture the flag are the first two offerings in the game setup screen. Both are the same game type (capture and deliver flag/grail) with the former being free for all and the later 4 Vs 4 teams. Soccer, (or football as we like to call it, but that’s an argument for another day) is probably my favourite game mode. Running around slashing, stabbing, and firing arrows while having a friendly kick about is great fun. Gladiator is a king of the hill/annex game mode where killing counts, but not as much as being in the ring. Crystal rush is an attack and defend game mode, with teams having to drill through their opponents crystals whilst defending their own. Juggernaut is a free for all game mode in which players have to grab a mini gun and blast away the competition. and last but not least we have last man standing and team death match, both are pretty much self explanatory.

Players get to select their preferred character before starting, although there is not much more past them being visual representations of players, there will no doubt be a favourite for most people as each has a different colour scheme and little jig they do when selected. there are more characters to be unlocked as you play the game. The in game combat it pretty straight forward, with a point and shoot control system.

Players start out each game with a standard sword attack, which can be upgraded by collecting one of the many pick-ups on the map. Most will stack, so collecting the same weapon pick-up twice in a row will activate a secondary level of effect. For example, the bow and arrow pick up will upgrade to have explosive arrows. You can even upgrade your horse should you find its pick-up, to, wait for it. A rainbow farting Unicorn (the unicorn doesn’t actually fart, but a rainbow definitely comes out of its rear end.) With a whole host of other crazy weapons to grab from boomerangs to laser guns, it all adds to the fun factor and chaos.

There are also a set of singleplayer challenges to complete, all of which have to be unlocked by completing the one before it. They vary widely from firing a lightning staff at hordes of skeletons while trying to destroy their nests, to Fighting the dark knight army. All of which feature online leaderboards. On the main menu you’ll also find Bots Showdown. It features all of the game modes mentioned earlier and is simply just all bots on screen with no player interaction. I have no idea why this is here, but it is if you just want to watch the game being played..
There are some nice touches in Knight Squad, apart from being visually pleasing, it features a decent soundtrack and a not overly done voice over that is very Mortal Kombat-esque.

The reviewer downloaded this game for free on Games with Gold
Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Audio 8
Replay Value 7.5
Value for Money 6
Knight Squad

Summary: Finally a Multiplayer indie game that isn't local only. Knight Squad is a very competitive game that will have you laughing and/or falling out with your friends and family. A must get for the upcoming Christmas party season. and especially while it's free on Games with Gold.

  • Great co-op/competitive play
  • Online multiplayer
  • various game modes
  • price is a little steep

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