No Time To Explain Review

No Time To Explain is the first Xbox One game by developer TinyBuild, a platform action-adventure in which you follow your future self through time and alternate universes to stop your evil twin from another dimension.

The game starts with your future self appearing and stating “I am you from the future, No Time To Explain, follow me to.. aghhh” as he is scooped up by a giant robotic crab. You pick up his beam gun and the gameplay then starts. You then have to follow the crab as it scurries away with your future self screaming as it goes. You use the beam gun like a jet pack, to traverse the levels and reach the portal to the next area. the first few levels are fairly simple ending with the first boss battle, in which you shoot down a flying saucer and take on the crab that took your future self.

The next area is similar to the first, except this time your future self is grabbed by a giant shark. The levels are a little more complex and you start to use the beam gun to blast through blocks to get through the level, while also avoiding deadly spikes, again this ends with another boss battle. Something that features throughout No Time To Explain. The difficulty gradually increases as you come across more increasingly difficult levels, picking up new weapons along the way to help you, even cake to make yourself fat to progress through some.

There’s some nice little bits of comedy throughout, from the random phrases screamed by your future self as he is dragged away by the crab and shark, along with the cut scene dialogue and other references as you play. Even the achievements will have you doing silly things, from dancing through the first universe without stopping (yes there’s a dance button) to eating all the cakes in Fat Cake Universe while wearing a hamburger face. Other achievements however are more challenging. beating certain setions without dying or under a certain time etc, and should extend the games replay value for those that like getting achievements.

Visually No Time To Explain has its own 2D cartoon look which suits it to the ground. While it maintains that classic platform gameplay. It throws in some side scrolling levels to mix things up a bit, along with the different weapons and abilities. This keeps the game fresh from start to finish. There’s a nice crisp soundtrack to accompany the game, and is what you would expect from a game like this.

Upon completion there’s still things to do, for a start there’s the achievements I mentioned earlier, along with the ‘hat’ collectibles to go back and get if you missed them on your first play through. You also unlock some bonus levels, one of which has a little nod to Minecraft. These should keep you busy for a couple of hours.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 6
Audio 7
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 6
No Time To Explain

Summary: Although a little pricey, No Time To Explain is a solid little platformer. For a first Xbox One game by TinyBuild it’s a good first showing on the Xbox One. Here’s hoping for more from this studio.

  • Good platformer
  • Price seems a little high

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