Orb Accessories Xbox One thumb stick covers Review

Orb Accessories have a large range of gaming accessories covering all current platforms, they are the up and comer in the gaming accessories industry; with cheap prices and decent quality products! Today we are looking at the ORB Xbox One Thumb Grips!

I picked up these thumb grips at my local Grainger Games for the very reasonable price of £3, I had seen other brands online and always wanted to buy some… At first I was very sceptical of these being so cheap, but I also didn’t set my sights very high as they cost less than a meal at McDonald’s! The packaging was sturdy plastic which I prefer over certain brands that use thin cardboard.

Orb Thumb Grips 1200 x 1200

My first thoughts I had when I unpackaged these thumb grips were good; they felt durable which is what I was looking for in this product! Over the years I have  damaged countless thumb sticks from being heavy handed and general wear and tear. I’ve used these for just over two weeks now and my thumb sticks on my new controller are still brand new and untouched, thanks to the ORB Thumb Grips!

Value for money 10
Installation 7
Grip 5
Orb Accessories Thumbstick Grips

The only thing I would have changed is how smooth they are, you only have 4 dots on them like on the Xbox 360 thumb sticks, I would have preferred extra grip around the edges or in the centre. They increase the size of your thumb sticks which I thought was better overall and for the price ranging from £1.99 - £3.99 online how can anyone complain?

  • Increase thumbstick size
  • Durable rubber material
  • Value for money
  • Lack of grip

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