Super Party Sports Football Review

‘Super Party Sports: Football’ is a physics puzzle game full of action and fun. Solve tricky riddles, fight against different types of enemies and score a goal.

Handy Games’ first Xbox One title is definitely one worth picking up this Christmas for a stocking filler. Super Party Sports: Football uses similar gameplay to Angry Birds with level designs similar to that of Worms campaign levels. The game did start out as a mobile game so seeing it was like Angry Birds had me a bit concerned it would be like some of those rip-off games you commonly see. However, it’s actually different! It changes up the style of gameplay by making use of multiple ‘players’ so you have different points to kick the ball from while combining level design and puzzles like what can be found in Worms, as mentioned previously. It’s different and works well.

There is only single player in the game which spans 10 levels over 10 ‘Cups.’ Since it is a football game you get to choose a team; you get to choose between many International teams and are able to buy different kits to customise them with in game currency (which I will get to in a little bit). For each level you have to score a goal against the opposing team to win, but before that you have to eliminate the other players by kicking the ball at them. You can’t move your team so you have to adjust the power and angle of each kick to pass to other team mates.

Some levels have environmental hazards such as spikes, collapsing floors and the referee which you need to be careful of and the puzzle element comes in to so you have to think about where you kick the ball. One thing I should mention: Since the game wasn’t originally intended for thumbsticks to be used, aiming can be a bit weird sometimes with slight changes in angle and power taking place after you finish aiming which can affect quite a lot.
Before the start of each level you have the option to use coins. These coins can be earned in levels and usually the places these coins are can be used as a guide for where to aim your shot. Coins allow you to get power-ups for your ball which last the level,these power-ups include: Extra time allotted to complete the level when you defeat a player and another ball which stops the referee from kicking your players off the pitch (this happens if you hit a player with the ball in the ref’s FOV).

These same coins are also used to purchase the kits mentioned earlier. They can take a while to build up but the power-ups are especially worth it. There are also extra power-ups in the levels to pick up. I’m not sure how many since I haven’t played all the Cups as I write this but I had 2 pick-ups on the levels. One was a ball which defeated enemies in 1 hit (especially useful against those which can take more than 1 hit) and could also remove the ref. The other pick-up was a ball which became immune to spikes which meant it was impossible to pop, making life a lot easier on later levels. These pick-ups are usually out the way but worth getting if you want to set better times on the levels.

Handy Games supplied a download code for the review
Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 6
Audio 6.5
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 9.5
Super Party Sports Football

Summary:  Super Party Sports: Football is a great game anyone is able to pick-up and play. It blends two different styles of gameplay together with a football theme to make a family-friendly game that still requires thought especially at higher levels. After very positive reviews on mobile platforms it is easy to see why. It actually tries to mix things up a bit from the usual rip-offs of bigger games. It is priced at £3.99 when it launches 4th December 2015 on the Xbox Store. If you don't want to pick it up at launch it is definitely one of the smaller, stocking filler games to get this Christmas.

  • Fun to play, easy to pick up
  • Nice twist on the Angry Birds style of games
  • Good family game
  • Slightly competitive with setting best time for levels
  • Not an awful lot of sound
  • Aiming can be a bit wierd

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