The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Review

‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ is one of this years most anticipated games and the final installment in Geralt of Rivia’s story. In ‘The Witcher 3’ you are trying to track down Geralt’s adopted daughter, Ciri and save her from the Wild Hunt; a group of spectres that bring misfortune and death to all.

Straight after the game’s initial tutorial you are thrown straight into the vast, open world. However, the game is split into different sections. At the minute players are limited to only 5 areas (2 of these combine into one). This isn’t a bad thing though. Unlike ‘The Witcher 2’ you are free to return to any area at any time when possible. Every area has plenty to do and see as well as being exceptionally large. If that isn’t enough though there is the underwater areas of the game which are also sure to hold many secrets for players to find.

Gameplay for’The Witcher 3′ is similar to that of previous Witcher games so it is fairly simple for players that have ran through another Witcher game before so it would be best to take one of the game’s harder difficulties if you know what you are doing. For first time players the way some aspects work may take a bit of time to get used to depending on how quick of a learner you are. Movement and getting around is very simple and works well. The tough part is the combat. When going into a fight (especially on harder difficulties) you need to research your opponent. Players must know the weapon they are weak to, which potions to drink, which oil to use on their sword and which magic they are weak to. Use the wrong things and the game will punish you with a much tougher fight. Once you get the hang of the combat you are pretty much good to go with most of the game.

There is never a shortage of things to do in the game, despite your skill level. Quests range from helping someone gather herbs to killing large beasts for a town in need so there is a bit of everything for everyone.
Players need to think about the decicions they make during nearly every quest.If you help someone with a problem and you need them for something later on they will prbably offer more help than normal. However, if you decide for example, to let someone go into a fight they can’t win and they end up food fornecrophages then anyone in the game that knows you caused that death might not be very happy with you and less inclined to help in your future endeavours.

On the subject of things to do… There has been the addition of ‘Gwent.’ Gwent is a turn based card game in which the player and an AI opponent use cards of varying abilities to beat each other with a stronger deck power level. You get 4 different deck factions and easily a couple hundred cards to collect, buy and win from playing games It is strangely addicting and a fun way of doing collectables in a game; this is definitely something you will want to check out.

In terms of glitches within the game I myself have only ran into one, which caused my horse to float in the air but this was simply fixed by walking away and calling my horse again to make it respawn. There have been other issues though such as people losing saves, bad frame rate drops in storms and the more funny ones such as launching boats into the sky. Best thing to do at the minuite is have a back up save and have faith in CD Projekt Red.

Graphics in the game are phenomenal. Especially for a third-person RPG. Every piece of armor, every character and all the environment look almost lifelike. Fields ravaged by war look like an actual war happened with bodies and weapons buried amongst the mud. Fields away from civilisation are filled with flowers, bushes and all kinds of wildlife. It is quite easily on of the best looking games you can buy.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Audio 8
Replay Value 9
Value for Money 9
The Witcher III Wild Hunt

Summary: ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ has set the bar for other open world RPGs and offers players lots of content to keep them coming back with an immersive experience that offers something different every time. Easily a strong contender for GOTY and a must-have game.

  • Massive open world
  • Good character leveling
  • Great story
  • Frame rate issues
  • Gameplay bugs

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