Three Fourths Home Extended Edition Review

Developed by [bracket] Games and published by Digerati Distribution. Three Fourths Home Extended Edition has players take on the roll of Kelly while she is driving home during a thunderstorm. Having a conversation with her parents and younger brother. Players make choices during the conversation while driving through “a stylized representation of rural Nebraska set against rumbling thunder and the music playing from the car’s tape deck.”

I was surprised at playing Three Fourths Home Extended edition. I initially thought I was going to be whisked off to some strange land once the thunderstorm started and end up on some quest to get back home, (that really sounds like the plot to The Wizard of Oz) I waited, reading the dialogue intensively and choosing my responses carefully. Then after a good 30 minutes it ended. I was left confused to say the least, I was expecting something completely different to what I got, I felt a little disappointed, yet on the other hand I was left thinking about Kelly and her family. I wanted to know more, I still do in a sense.

It then hit me, Three Fourths Home is a very cleverly put together interactive story, not something I would really take notice of, but it does work. It is a thought provoking Story with a glimpse into a small portion of the lives of Kelly and her family. With hints of things happening, or that have happened in their lives without giving you too much information. It touches upon subjects such as loss and disability and how it has affected the family without any mention of how and why. It makes the player engage in thought just like a really good book.

There is also a host of extra content, from just shy of an hours worth of music by Neutrino Effect, to Kelly’s photograph album. Also the inclusion of an epilogue as part of the Extended Edition of Three Fourths Home, which goes into Kelly’s past in a little more detail, and again follows the same dialogue choices as before with Kelly having a conversation with her mother while waiting for a bus.

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The visuals in Three Fourths Home Extended Edition are in fitting with the games overall mood, but are not easy on the eyes after 15 plus minutes of straining to see the text on the bottom half of the screen. Although this is a little better in the Epilogue as it has a darker background. The audio is top notch awesome sounding thunderstorm that you could just sit and listen to with your eyes closed, along with the music score that can be toggled on and off as you play.

Replay wise it doesn’t offer much, unless you want to see how the conversation develops by choosing different dialogue. And of course if you are after completing all the achievements some of which will require you to play through a couple of times or the one that wants you to sit and listen all of the soundtrack via the player in the ‘extras’ menu. Other than that you’ll be finished with Three Fourths Home Extended Edition in less than 2 hours.

The publisher provided a download code for this game.
Gameplay 5
Graphics 3.5
Audio 7.5
Replay Value 3
Value for Money 7
Three Fourths Home Extended Edition

Summary: If you are after adventure, shooting, explosions etc. Three Fourths Home Extended Edition is not the game for you, it is however a very well thought out and put together interactive story, and is a must for fans of this genre. not a bad price either at £3.99.

  • Immersive story
  • Audio
  • Visuals are a little harsh
  • Very short

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