Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 Review

It has been 13 years since the last Tony Hawks Pro Skater game came to our screens. 13 years of waiting is enough to build up an immense amount of hype for anything! Imagine if COD or Halo decided not to make a game in 13 years? What would you expect if they brought one back? You would expect nothing but excellence, especially on the “next gen consoles” of this day and age!

With the bar raised high in the gaming industry you would expect the graphics on THPS5 to be close to perfection. The detail should have been so good that you would be able to see the sweat dripping from the skaters head. Unfortunately this cannot be said, and sadly this game is full of disappointment, including its out-dated basic graphics. I know other Tony Hawks games have been released since THPS4 but none of them can compare to the original Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, it has its own flare which differed from the likes of Tony Hawks underground etc. I’m not going to go into every bit of detail about this game as it simply doesn’t deserve my time typing or your time reading, but below I have out lined the pros and cons of this game, and what I think the general feel for the game was in comparison to older titles.

Starting off, after loading the game (which by the way takes a considerable lot longer than what you would expect) it drops you into a level called ‘The Berrics’, and the game started the very annoying glitching through the floor, so my start to this game wasn’t encouraging. After giving it the benefit of the doubt, I played for a little and while it seemed to be looking good. I wasn’t a fan of some of the new features, for example, the new Stomp down setting, as this button is the same button you use for your Grinding technique, it made it difficult for me to knock the rust off from playing THPS so long ago. As I continued to play through the levels the glitches continued to annoy me, the worse by far is when you’re in the middle of a large combo and the game decides to throw you miles into the air for no reason what so ever! A patch is yet to be released to fix these problems but let’s hope they release one soon for the core THPS followers!

Onto the graphics, well I’ll let the below picture do the talking, unfortunately the graphics are nowhere near as good as what they could have been!

Tony Hawk's® Pro Skater™ 5 (3)

Despite all of its flaws it did still feel like THPS that I came to know and love, albeit a few changes from the old days with the added extras, such as the stomp ability and pressing LB for your specials, rather than actually having to hit a combination of D Pad buttons or X A B and Y! The “missions” were one big time trial and if I’m honest I didn’t see anything like “stale fish over the impossible gap”, they had skate, combo, find the DVD and find the VHS on each levels free skate as objectives.

Gameplay 2
Graphics 4
Audio 7
Replay Value 3
Value for Money 2
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

overall this game has nothing on any of the other THPS titles and shouldn’t have been released yet. The fact Robomodo’s contract ends with THPS at the end of this year has certainly shone through here, and sadly they have taken a classic game and stuck it together with tape rather than moulded and cast in iron like it should have been.

  • It feels somewhat like a THPS game
  • Decent soundtrack
  • Constant glitches
  • Not like the original series
  • Slow loading screens
  • Expensive for what you get

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