Trigger Treadz & Thumb Treadz Review

If there is one thing I love as much as gaming, it would have to be personalising my console and controller. Trigger Treadz (produced by iMP Gaming) takes this customisation to the next level, with not only producing a decent set of thumbstick grips, (a product I’m sure every gamer is aware of) but also trigger grips, a product I have never seen before and was really intrigued by. And so I shall start with talking about these.

triggertreadzTrigger Treadz are exactly that, tread for your triggers. They come in two sets with a different grip design on each, Racing Rubber and All Terrain. They are very simply applied by peeling the backing off and sticking onto each trigger, they are even subtly labelled with “LT” and “RT” so you know which is which, with just lining them up being the tricky part.

Upon first installation the difference Trigger Treadz make is very noticeable. Not just the grip but also comfort, compared to the smooth hard plastic of the standard triggers. I’ve had them on for 5 days now, which equates to somewhere in the region of 40-45 hours of active playing time. And they’re still stuck on well, with no dog eared corners or visible signs of wear. Trigger Treadz look like they will stand up to the heaviest of use.

thumbtreadz Thumb Treadz also come as two sets, TDU Dimple and Silicone Ridge. Both have a very different feel, with the TDU Dimple being harder and more tactile with its flat surface and raised dimples, while the Silicone Ridge is softer and sinks into the existing ‘dish’ of the original thumbstick top slightly. It is also worth noting that these are also slightly bigger than the TDU Dimple grips. Both sets are simple to apply as they just push on to the existing thumbstick top. They don’t extend the thumbstick like other brands do.

As mentioned above both types of Thumb Treadz have a very different feel, but are equally as comfortable as each other and provide a noticeable difference. You can of course change the thumbstick covers around to mix it up a bit should you so wish, and find the right setup for yourself. As with the Trigger Treadz above I have had them on my controller for 5 days, around 40-45 hours of playing time, with Silicone Ridge on the left thumbstick and TDU Dimple on the right. Both have shown no signs of wear or damage, and again should stand up to the heaviest of use.

iMP Gaming supplied the products to the reviewer
Quality 9.5
Installation 9.5
Value for money 10
Trigger Treadz/Thumb Treadz

Summary: I simply cannot believe the difference Trigger Treadz and Thumb Treadz make. Why aren't controllers like this as standard?! Casual and hardcore gamers alike, Trigger Treadz and Thumb Treadz should be on your "must buy" list. £4.99 for not one, but two sets is a bargain, and should last you a lifetime.

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Look great
  • Easy to install
  • Trigger Treadz are attached with adhesive that prevent them from being re-used

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