Xbox One Lunar White Controller Review

The Xbox One Lunar White Controller is a stylish twist on the standard Xbox one controller. It comes with a matt white and gold finish, rubber grips on the rear of the controller and black ABXY buttons.


My first thoughts when I saw this controller in my local shop were “take my stupid money!”. The contrast of white and gold really stood out from the standard black and even from the other controllers in store; I picked it over the Halo 5 and the Forza 6 controllers and after 3 weeks I still have no regrets. Now I can’t tell you that this controller will improve your KD ratio or that it will aid your playing in any way more than a standard controller, but I can tell you that it has a  3.5mm jack input right next to the Xbox one headset input to the bottom of the controller, which has mic monitoring hardwired in to it. This allows you to connect a headset with a 3.5mm jack into your controller and go into the controllers settings on your Xbox one to set up the mic monitoring (it lets you hear yourself through your headset so you’re not shouting). This is a very nice feature on a controller which costs the  same price as a standard controller (some places are selling it for £5 more I believe, but don’t quote me on prices)

Value for money 9
Quality 8
Comfort 7.5
Lunar White Controller

Summary: Overall I think this controller is great value for money, you get stylish looks, comfortable grip AND the added extra of a 3.5mm jack with mic monitoring. I mean unless your headset has mic monitoring as a standard feature, then you would normally have to buy an adapter for this, a decent brand one is usually between £30 - £40 pounds!

  • Stylish looks
  • 3.5 mm jack input with mic monitoring
  • Rubber grip on rear
  • No volume controls on the controller

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