Road Rage Review

  • Dev: Team 6 Game Studios
  • Pub: Maximum Games
  • Released: 14/11/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 18/M
  • Players: 1-2 Local 2-4 online
  • Size: 1.9 GB
  • Price: £19.99/$29.99/€29.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Road Rage by Team Six Studios and Maximum games is an open-world motorcycle racing/fighting game in the style of old-school Road Rash. Your story is set in a not-to-distant future where cities have been confined by giant walls because of “social problems” and the “multi-nationals”, obviously trying to draw from current events. The city walls/gates are protected by police and While the story sounds interesting, that’s about it.

    You get immediately thrown on a bike and are required to “take down 2 enemies”. This task is pretty simple and repeated many times throughout the game yet when you want to fight someone you enter combat against them which slightly takes control of your motorcycle which makes the driving extra complicated. Generally the mission to move on to the next city area is to “take down x enemies”. There are 7 distinct areas in the game, Subtroit, Chitaly, The Forest, Downtown, Port Hamc, Ruscago Airfield and Farmlands.

    You can go into all the areas whenever you want but when you do you’ll be immediately given a 5-star rating sending all sorts of cops after you and the roads will be littered with speed traps. This would sound difficult if the cops could actually drive and could be an issue if something happened if you got caught. And by caught I mean run over because the cops have no guns, they put out speed bumps to stop you and often crash into each other before getting you. While that AI is only part of the problem the general environment is often a problem. Multiple times I got stuck in fences and guardrails, bounced off cars, plowed through fire hydrants and telephone polls going 100mph only to get stuck on them while going 5mph. You can also hit a wall and just stop, not fall off and other times barely scrape a guardrail and blow up.

    You’re always driving with one hand, never putting your weapon away but at the same time going 100mph around hairpin turns hitting mailboxes and fire hydrants while not skipping a beat. The only consistent way that I fell off the bike was by hitting cars, and even then I’ve hit cars sending them flying and me not. The controls from GTA: San Andreas (yes, from 2004) for riding a motorcycle while shooting was more accurate than this game. The in-game mini-map is also pretty awful since you need to look at it on your cracked-screen cellphone and it doesn’t make it any easier that you’re looking for a small white triangle on white roads and no way to center the map on your location. This gets even harder when you unlock more and more side missions.

    You get your main missions via cellphone, cracked of course because something has to take damage when you fall, and there are 42 story missions and 56 side missions to keep you busy if you’re so inclined. The main mission types are Knockout, Time Trial, Elimination, Stunt, Assassination, Circuit Race, Sprint and Escape and once you finish the “main” missions for an area you unlock the side missions where you can earn money for more bikes, weapons and upgrades and customizations as well as the next zone. The side missions are accessed buy driving to the icon on the map and starting them up. One other irritant with that was that when doing the side missions I continuously got calls for a mission when I didn’t want to do it at the time and no matter how many times I ignored the call it kept ringing.

    The environments graphics are mediocre, nothing special really compared current gen titles and the people still living in the city must really be well off because everyone seems to drive a sports car. The game for some reason has incredibly irregular loading times from seconds to minutes. You can go back and re play any missions to earn more money a there even is Multiplayer which I have no faith in whatsoever especially since when I went to find a multiplayer match there were none and when I hosted one, no one entered my lobby. You can start a multiplayer race with just the CPU, but you might as well just work on the story.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 2
    Graphics 3
    Audio 3
    Replay Value 0.5
    Value for Money 0.2
    Road Rage

    With awful controls, bleh graphics and a hefty pricetag and the fact that you can pick up GTA for the same price for a million times more game this isn't an easy skip, it's a stay away for your own sake! FOR YOUR CHILDRENS SAKE!

    • The game loads
    • Awful Controls
    • Mediocre Graphics
    • High price

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