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Developed by Quaternion Studio and published by EnjoyUp Games, Rock Zombie is a side scrolling action adventure which see’s rock trio Zoe, Sasha and Crystal have their concert crashed by a horde of zombies. Not only are the trio rockstars, they are also witches with special powers that come in handy whilst fighting off the undead.

From the get go the whole arcade feel is present in Rock Zombie from the visuals to the music, it even comes with an ‘Arcade 1990’ difficulty setting for that authentic coin depleting gameplay I remember as a child. Upon starting you get to pick one of the three band members, with Sasha and Crystal having a more skilled attribute set in speed and strength respectively. While Zoe more closely resembles an all-round character. you can unlock more costumes and guitars (Rock Zombies weapon of choice) that increase the stats of each character, these will come in handy should you want to attempt the harder difficulties later on.


The opening cut scene is laid out comic book style and sets the tone for the overall look of the game. Which as mentioned before is that of a classic arcade game. With the added element of a more modern 3D world. You start off backstage as you try to escape the concert, this doubles as your tutorial level and introduces you to the games combat system. The combat in Rock Zombie is mildly detailed with a variety of button presses doing different attacks, from swinging your guitar to using your magic, it even features a handful of combos that can be performed. Although at times the combat can feel a little clunky, mainly due to the harsh character movements, and can lead to misdirected attacks and ultimately the player receiving damage.

It’s not all hack and slash throughout Rock Zombies 20 levels, as you will get the chance to jump on a Motorcycle and in cars, where the gameplay turns to you controlling the vehicles whilst avoiding obstacles in the road and running over zombies. It does add some variety to the game, but the overall experience of the motorcycle level was not nice. The sound file of the engine seemed to be reset everytime I steered and it just seemed a little too long but that may have been down to the torture my ears were going through.

There’s also the element of Co-op or lack thereof, it does seem as though it may have been thought about during development. To not see it, even just as a local co-op option is really disappointing, this game could have had more appeal if it did and is screaming out for it. The soundtrack seems ok to start with, it includes “Hard Rock, Nu Metal and Alternative Rock” all are instrumental tracks that do become very repetitive and annoying after a while.

EnjoyUp Games provided a download code for this game
Gameplay 4
Graphics 3.5
Audio 3.9
Replay Value 2
Value for Money 3.5
Rock Zombie

Summary: Rock Zombie could have been a much nicer experience had it not been so buggy and have such a clunky control system. The missing co-op option lets it down too. The only real appeal will be to die hard retro gamers and zombie fans alike.

  • Retro style
  • Zombie bashing
  • Controls
  • No Co-op

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