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Rocket League is a physics-based vehicle football game developed and published by Psyonix, released on the Xbox One 17th February 2016. What can I say other than FINALLY we have this on the Xbox One after almost a year of envy seeing videos from Playstation users, it’s been a long wait but it was worth it! Get ready to become the most competitive you’ve ever been whilst pulling off aerial goals and the rest!

The game play for rocket league is second to none; football with cars and not just normal cars, rocket propelled cars! You can jump, double jump, boost and even fly if you manage to control your vehicle in the air like a smooth operator! You get 2 different camera views; the first lets you see directly in front of the car in third person view with a small indicator showing the directions of the ball on the pitch and the 2nd is “ball cam” which constantly focuses on where the ball is, showing you again in third person. After playing for a few minutes I decided ball cam was best for my playing style.

You have different game modes you can play; Exhibition, which allows you to set up your own custom match, you can change almost all of the settings including gravity, boost recharge time and boost level, you can even play an unlimited game if you fancy having a kick about for hours! Other game modes include playing a season; you play in a tournament of your choice whether it be 9 weeks up to 30+. Sadly you can’t play an online tournament but you can play a 1 v 1 up to 4 v 4 online. This can either be online with randomly selected people or a private match with friends! I was a little disappointed I couldn’t host an online tournament, it’s one of the things this game needs but by all means it doesn’t take anything away from it! Personally I think it could also do with some sort of clan setup and a selection of colours or designs for your team, like other games of this type.

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Before you setup your games you can go into the garage and select which vehicle you want, and I have to say there is quite a selection. From vans and trucks to hot rods and super-cars, you can change a primary and secondary paint job but are restricted to orange/yellow and blue/purple as the main primary colours. You can also change the texture of paint jobs and apply decals as secondary colours, this becomes visually pleasing and gives it a more personal touch when you have a play about with things after unlocking different items which include decals, paint texture, wheels, car topper antennas and rocket boosts.

Each game gives you an unlock-able item at the end even if you lose, with 200+ unlock-able’s which do include Halo’s ‘warthog’ and a Gears of War vehicle known as the ‘armadillo’! The famous Back to the Future ‘Delorean’ can be downloaded at a price of £1.59 from the Xbox store! All of these are bundled with the extremely well done graphics to give an overall cartoon/realistic feel to the game! Add all that with the audio tracks which, for once, aren’t annoying like most with this type of game, and all of the vehicle noises, including the crash and jump noises make for an overall great game!

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Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9
Audio 8.5
Replay Value 9.5
Value for Money 9.5
Rocket League

Summary: Rocket League is a must have for any car, football or destruction derby fan! You'll find yourself addicted to this even if you're losing as the game can change at any second. At the price of £15.99 you can't go wrong! Vehicle customisation, 4 v 4 online and a hell of a lot of boost! You'll not put this down for some time to come! And if you're not into playing online, it has local split screen for up to 4 players, so all of the family can enjoy!

  • Car customisation
  • Up to 4 v 4 multiplayer
  • Decent game customization in exhibition
  • No clan options
  • No online seasons

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