Rogue Troopers Redux Review

  • Dev: TickTock Games
  • Pub: Rebellion
  • Released: 17/10/17
  • Players: 1-4
  • Size: 19.3 GB
  • Price: £19.99/$24.99/€24.99
  • Rogue Trooper Redux is a third person shooter which has been remade for this generations consoles, I have faint memories of playing this back in my PlayStation 2 days and boy does Redux deliver that nostalgic feel, if you’re a gamer from back in the day you should seriously take a look at this!

    In the main campaign you’re one of the genetically modified GI soldiers known as Rogue, within the first few missions Gunnar one of your fellow soldiers, passes away, you can remove the chip from the back of his neck to save him (they are genetically modified soldiers afterall) you have an install slot on your gun which is the perfect fit for Gunnar once he is installed you receive some help when aiming, a red crosshair will appear on the enemy which is Gunnar, if you shoot within that area your shots will do increased damage, this can help out massively when you start seeing more and more enemies, you can also change your gun to a sniper rifle by pressing the left thumbstick in, both sniper ammo and standard ammo deplete separately. Whilst we are on the subject of weapons you also have a pistol with unlimited ammo, a range of grenades from sticky to electrical and also mines which can be shot out to a specific area to ambush enemies running in towards you, you can upgrade your main gun to have many different attachments, these include a shotgun attachment, beam rifle, Sammy launcher and mortar launcher.

    As I said earlier you will also come across bagman, bagman passes away and his chip is placed in your backpack, in here you can manufacture your own Ammo, Medkits, and upgrades, along with Gunnar and Bagman you will also come across Helm who is placed in your final chip slot located in your helmet, helm can hack consoles etc, his upgrades can help your minimap range and tech items, overall with these three troopers on your side you can be an unstoppable machine against the evil Norts! The campaign was a decent size although I did see a few bugs along the way, at times interacting with certain door switches or consoles wouldn’t appear meaning you would have to walk away and back up to eventually proceed in the campaign, enemies would constantly spawn in certain areas which in my eyes was good as you could gather more scrap (used to create ammo etc etc) from the dead bodies.

    On top of the campaign you also have 2 other single-player modes, Stronghold and Progressive in Stronghold you have to defend and injured GI against enemy Norts for a specific amount of time, personally, I didn’t really enjoy this mode, it seemed rather boring compared to the rest of the game. Progressive is setup kind of like a campaign mission although you have to obtain control of a certain area by fighting through enemy Norts. I wanted to write a massive segment on the multiplayer but sadly i struggled to find a game online, luckily AgriusRage was at hand to play some private games but I was rather disappointed the matchmaking wasn’t working/busy, basically you can play the Progressive mode in a multiplayer Lobby it felt more like a really short co-op campaign mission, enjoyable to say the least, it made me think about playing the campaign in co-op and how it would have transformed my overall opinion, but sticking to the previous release it wouldn’t have made sense.

    Artistically the game looks fantastic compared to its the previous release, they have done a great job of the remaster adding details wherever possible, it’s a fantastic job that I would like to see more remastered games live up to, the audio has witty remarks and one-liners throughout which was entertaining throughout, you can clearly hear an improvement on all audio from the original release.

    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 6.5
    Value For Money 7.5
    Rogue Trooper Redux Review

    Overall Rogue Troopers Redux is an enjoyable nostalgia trip, i would have liked to have seen a lot more added to the game maybe even a co-op campaign to keep up with today's thriving online play but sadly it didn’t deliver, apart from a few glitches here and there I couldn’t really give it any major faults, stronghold wasn’t for me but the rest is a really enjoyable play through, anyone who played the original needs to pick this up!

    • Lengthy Campaign
    • Upgraded artwork is great
    • Nostalgic feel
    • Has a few bugs
    • Would have liked a co-op campaign element added

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